It has long been said that a picture is worth a 1,000 words, so how many more words can you get from videos? Take a look inside our ever expanding library of free videos for illustrated guides for all your cleaning questions. These are not home made videos, but rather high quality professional videos and video clips. Everything you could want to now, from cleaning your laptop computer, to how to handle colors that run in the wash can be found here. See the power that videos possess; it's quick and easy.

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   Clean an Oven Spill Quickly - Video
Oven spills can be difficult or impossible to clean up, especially since they usually get several chances to bake into the oven's surfaces. Oven cleaners can be helpful, but this video highlights a simple way to make cleaning easier by using salt.

   Cleaning Books - Video
Keep all your books clean and inviting for everyone in the family. Dust, mold, mildew, and mites can all be easily removed with a little attention to each book in your library. This video explains how you can clean your books.

   Cleaning Your Laptop Computer - Video
If you have a laptop computer, then chances are you want to keep it clean. Not only does keeping your laptop clean help it look it's best, it also helps the computer run well. Here is how you can do your own computer cleaning, and save some money in the process.

   Did Your Colors Run in the Wash? - Video
Bleeding colors in a wash is a problem that everyone has, or is going to, run into sometime in their life. Here is how you can make sure that you avoid that problem for as long as possible, if not remove it all together.

   Fixing Scratches in CDs and DVDs - Video
While less prone to damage than tapes, CDs and DVDs are not invincible. What should you do when dirt, dust, and scratches introduce skips to your music or movies? Well, I've got just the thing for you, as this video shows.

   Get Your Whites Whiter - Video
I had a favorite white shirt for about a year. I wore it with all of my suits and it quickly became a staple of my wardrobe. But, over time I realized that my white shirt was looking more grayish-blue than white, more dingy than sophisticated and, you know, I just wasn't clean cut. Then I discovered how to make my whites even whiter than white. Here's how!

   Getting Rid of Dryer Lint - Video
Not only is dryer lint unattractive, it can also cost you money in higher energy bills. Here is how you can remove that unattractive mess and while also ensuring that you lower your bills.

   Make Defrosting Your Freezer Easier - Video
Freezers build up lots of frost over long periods of time, but you can prevent some of this build up. The next time you defrost your freezer, coat the inside with a thin layer of cooking oil. As this video shows, the freezer will build up less frost and be easier to defrost in the future.

   Making Furniture Dusting Easier - Video
Like many home cleaning projects, dusting can seem to take up all your time. Here are a few tips on how to decrease your work time, and increase your fun time.

   More Organized Dishwashing - Video
Cleaning out the dishwasher can be a hassle, especially since you usually have to sort through a big jumble of items. This video can help you to make quick work of the dishes in your dishwasher.

   Prevent Damage to Your Vacuum Cleaner - Video
Vacuums can be damaged by the things they suck up. Running the front of your vacuum over the cord can damage the cord, and running over metal objects can cause serious damage. This video shows some ways you can avoid these potential problems.

   Remove Grease from Your Drain - Video
Grease is a disgusting, nasty mess that no one wants build up within their sinks or drains. Here are some quick and easy ways to get rid of that nasty stuff.

   Remove Gum from Carpet - Video
With all of those rumors running around about how to remove gum from your carpet, it can be hard to know exactly what to do. Well, worry no more, since here is exactly how you can do that, and save your carpet from being a gummy mess.

   Removing Hard Water Stains - Video
Hard water stains are never an attractive addition to home decoration. Want to know how to remove them, while limiting their reappearance? Then just take a look at this.

   Removing Nicotine Stains - Video
If you have ever smoked, or lived with a smoker, then you know the pain of trying to remove nicotine stains. Here are some great ways to be able to remove those stains, and make your house—and you—look great.

   Removing Oil Stains from Fabric - Video
Most oil stains can be easily removed from clothing with soap or detergent. Just pre-treat the stain, rinse everything out, and then stick the garment in the wash. This video highlights a few techniques you can use to remove the offending stain.

   Removing Stains from Silk - Video
Silk has long been a staple to any wardrobe, unfortunately it has also be long considered an extremely delicate material that was difficult to clean. Well, no longer is that the case, just use one of these cleaning methods, and you are going to find yourself able to have the best possible wardrobe.

   Removing Stains from Wood Floors - Video
Hardwood floors are beautiful, attractive additions to any home. In short, they are great. The only problem with them is that any stain or damage to them can be expensive to fix, and that is not great. Here is how you can get rid of those stains without spending a fortune.

   Stop Microwave Odors - Video
Microwaves absorb the smells of the foods cooked in them. To stop these odors and leave a temporary sweet smell, cook a lemon in water for three minutes in your microwave. This video shows how this can help your microwave smell much better.

   Stop Odors when Your Refrigerator Is Switched Off - Video
A warm refrigerator creates many problems, including the stench that comes from mold or mildew. This doesn't have to be a problem. As this video illustrates, you can use regular newspaper to make the problem go away.

   Stop Static Electricity - Video
Static electricity is annoying and so hard to get rid of out of your clothes. Lucky for you there are ways you can prevent and eliminate static electricity. Here's how!

   The Top Five Household Cleaners - Video
Instead of trying to buy a different specialized cleaner for each surface in your house, you can make many of your own cleaners. With the five cleansing ingredients highlighted in this video, you can clean most anything.

   Use Car Wax on Your Refrigerator - Video
Kitchens get dirty easily, and your refrigerator is not immune. You can make cleaning the fridge easier than ever if you take a moment to wax the outside of the appliance. This video shows how easy it is to do, and describes the benefits you'll realize.

   Washing Your Sneakers - Video
You usually think about washing your clothes, but washing your shoes isn't a thought that usually crosses your mind. Your shoes are going to get dirty and you can clean them. Here's how!

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