Enjoying Summer

We are enjoying the summer weather and long daylight hours in our corner of the globe. I hope that you have time to enjoy whatever is happening in your corner. (Oh, and I hope you enjoy this week's tips, as well.)


Cleaning Tips for 27 June 2022

Outdoor living areas must be cleaned
Keeping Pool Water Sparkling Clean

Clearing away obvious dirt and debris will help keep your pool water sparkling clean, but you also need to test your water now and then to ensure proper balance. Adding pool chemicals in the right combinations will help clear cloudy water and inhibit algae buildup, as well as residue created by hair products and tanning lotions.

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Pets must be cleaned up after
Self Cleaning Cat Litter Box

If you have a cat, then you know all about cleaning the litter box. If you are tired of this chore, consider another option: a self cleaning litter box.

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Ironing is a common laundry chore
Removing a Scorch Mark on Fabric

Scorch marks just happen sometimes and you have the power to fix it! Here are a few tips to get those unsightly scorch marks out of your favorite clothes.

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Cleaning makes your day brighter
Cleaning Blood from Polyester

Accidents can happen to anyone at any time, and as such we can find ourselves needing to clean some rather unique stains. One of the more problematic stains around is blood, most especially when it gets onto polyester. Cleaning blood from polyester is possible, if you use one of these methods for doing it.

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