A Cold Week

It's was a quiet week around the Wyatt household last week. It was also a week of abnormally cold temperatures. Our area of Wyoming is often cold, being at an elevation of over 6,700 feet. But last week it got down to -18 (that's -28 Celsius) a week ago today, with it being even colder in some of the surrounding areas. Throw in some of the famously stiff Wyoming wind, and it was downright chilly!

The cold temperatures made for some interesting days, as our hot-water pipe to the kitchen froze. (We could still get hot water from the bathroom, though.) It took some ingenuity and some warm air blown into our small crawlspace to get the water flowing again.

Even with the cold, it was a good week, and things warmed up toward the end of the week. (The outlook is good for continued warmer temperatures this week.) I hope things are going well in your corner of the world and that you enjoy the tips in this week's newsletter.


Cleaning Tips for 6 February 2023

Cleaning Window Screens

Window screens are a wonderful little item that can come in real handy, particularly if you don't have air conditioning. With window screens in place, you can have your windows open, perhaps get a nice breeze, and not have to worry about any bugs or creepy crawlies coming into the home. However, just like anything else, window screens need to be cleaned from time to time. Here's how.

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Outdoor living areas must be cleaned
Outdoor Kitchen Cleaning Strategies

Because they differ from regular indoor kitchens, outdoor kitchens may require different cleaning methods. There are various strategies you can use to make your outdoor kitchen look beautifully clean.

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Vacuum that floor!
Cleaning Your Vacuum Cleaner

A vacuum cleaner is easy to maintain. Just make sure you check it periodically and clean it using these seven quick steps. Cleaning and maintaining your vacuum in this manner will help it to work better and last longer.

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Carpet can collect stains easily
Get Rid of Jell-O Stains from Carpeting

Kids love gelatin snacks, such as Jell-O. Unfortunately, kids and Jell-O also mean that stains aren't that far away. If you have kids, and they like to eat Jell-O then you also need to learn how to get rid of Jell-O stains from carpeting. Luckily, it's not particularly difficult a task to do.

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