Spring Snow Storm

We had to dig out from LOTS of snow this past week. Last Thursday morning I awoke to find several three-foot drifts running through my yard, along with a huge 5-foot drift. Needless to say, this took the better part of the morning to dig out from under, and it took the better part of the day (and some heavy equipment) to get our yard settled away. (We live on a half-acre lot that just invites some amazing drifting during snow season.)

I'm not complaining, though. The water is much appreciated, and will become quite a blessing later in the season.

I hope things are going well in your corner of the world and that you enjoy whatever life brings you.


Cleaning Tips for 18 March 2019

A bathroom needs frequent cleaning
Cleaning Your Bathroom Cabinets

Don't overlook your bathroom cabinets-they can easily be cleaned and organized instead of forgotten. Wipe dirt away with an all-purpose cleaner and organize the items inside your cabinet.

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Clothing needs constant cleaning
Wedding Gown Preservation

Wedding gowns can take a long time to search for, and they can also be quite expensive. When you have the perfect dress, you will probably want to preserve it after the wedding so it will look beautiful for years to come.

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Removing Tobacco Smell from Upholstery

Tobacco smoke, for all its health risks and other problems has one overriding problem-it stinks! Even after a smoker has long since gone, you can still find yourself remembering them every time you get into a car, RV, truck, or even around a couch that someone has smoked in. Removing tobacco smell from upholstery is possible, if you use one of these simple methods.

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Enhance the air's fragrance
Use a Cotton Ball and Perfume to Freshen Your Home

Store-bought air fresheners can be expensive. An inexpensive alternative with cheap refills is to use cotton balls in jars. Perfume will release from a cotton ball over time if you spray it on periodically to freshen your home.

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