Happy President's Day

Today is, in the United States, a federal holiday. Historically, it started as a day to remember the birthday of George Washington, our first president. In the last few decades, however, it has come to be known as President's Day in many states, and is a day to celebrate both Washington and Lincoln's birthdays.

If you are enjoying a holiday today, I hope it is a good one for you. (For the rest of us, we'll just keep working!)


Cleaning Tips for 20 February 2017

Clothing needs constant cleaning
Removing Stains from Cotton

Most stains in cotton require treatment with a combination of water and liquid detergent. Depending on the stain, this treatment ranges from a little dabbing to soaking the garment for several hours. Always use cold to lukewarm water, since hot water will set the stain. If detergent solutions don't work, there are specific methods you can use for each type of stain.

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Toilets can get dirty fast!
Choosing a Toilet Bowl Cleaner

Consider the cause of the stains in your toilet before choosing a toilet bowl cleaner. Also keep in mind the composition of your toilet bowl. Fiberglass bowls will scratch easily, where porcelain bowls will withstand vigorous scrubbing. Read product labels before buying a toilet bowl cleaner and follow recommendations.

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Concrete is all around us
Bubble Stained Concrete

One of the most favored of all children's toys is that bubble solution that you can use to blow bubbles. However, this beloved child's toy can leave some huge messes behind. One of the more common types of problems is bubble stained concrete. Here's what you need to do to get rid of these stains.

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Pets must be cleaned up after
Washing Your Cat

Anyone who has chased a soapy, sopping wet feline around the house knows the risks of bathing cats. Here are some tips on how to make the cat bathing experience more manageable, perhaps even enjoyable, for you and your cat.

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