Happy Thanksgiving!

This is Thanksgiving week in the United States and several other countries. It is traditionally a time for family and friends to gather, share food, and make memories. Most will gather on Thursday to celebrate the holiday.

If you stop and think about it, though, you don't really need a holiday in order to develop an attitude of gratitude--to be perpetually thankful for the conveniences, fortunes, and blessings that you enjoy in your life. It should be easy to be thankful for a roof over you head and the food on your table. It takes little additional effort to be thankful for your friends and the opportunities that come your way.

Unfortunately, things often conspire to cloud the clarity with which we should view the things for which we should be grateful. Health may change, fortunes may drop, and friendships may be lost. In my experience, however, these are but temporary setbacks in the happiness that we can choose to find around us.

I am thankful for many things; I dare say I am thankful for most things. I hope that you take the time this week (and all weeks) to reflect on your blessings and express gratitude for the life you are fortunate enough to lead.


Cleaning Tips for 20 November 2017

Wood floors are beautiful
Removing Christmas Tree Stains from Hardwood Flooring

Hardwood flooring can lose its finish, luster, and shine if you use caustic chemicals to remove stains. If your Christmas tree has left behind a holiday reminder when you take it down, follow these techniques for removing stains from your hardwood flooring.

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Dishes are functional
Removing Calcium Deposits from Cookware

Calcium deposits can appear on just about anything, though they are most often seen on items that are often submerged in water. One such type of item is the cookware that we use to make our meals in. Removing calcium deposits from cookware isn't all that difficult, though it can require a little bit of ingenuity. Instead of throwing out your favorite pot or pan, try resurrecting it instead.

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Clean air is great!
Indoor Air Quality Testing

Are you concerned about your indoor air quality? If you think there might be an air pollution problem, consider having the air quality tested.

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Roofing materials need cleaning
Roofing Services

The roof on your home is important. Be sure to keep it properly maintained by using a roofing service.

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