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Cleaning Tips for 14 January 2019

Working on laundry
Dealing with Laundry Scorch Marks

Have you ever noticed how simply doing the laundry can be a fairly annoying chore? When you add a scorch mark into the mix, it soon becomes even more so. Well, dealing with laundry scorch marks doesn't need to be a continuing source of frustration any more. That is, if you use this simple method for handling light scorch marks.

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Cleaning tools make work quick
Carpet Cleaning Machines

To really deep-clean a carpet, you will need to use a cleaning machine. This helpful tool will allow you to remove a lot of the dirt that vacuums won't pick up.

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Clean pillows decorate a room
Mold Testing

Everyone has heard the horror stories floating around about toxic mold infestations "suddenly" appearing in the home and making everyone get sick. These types of stories can (and should) scare the Dickens out of you. But before anyone becomes too concerned, there are things you can do to make your home safe, the first step of which is mold testing.

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Surfaces can get dirty in a hurry
Removing Magic Markers from Plaster

Whether you have children who really like to draw, or you got a little carried away with the magic marker, everyone can expect to have a marker mess that needs to be cleaned. Removing magic markers from plaster, while a little frustrating, is possible if you are willing to do a little bit of work and experimentation.

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