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Cleaning Tips for 15 April 2024

Appliances fill a kitchen
Removing Grease from Appliance Surfaces

Whenever you cook with grease, at least a small portion of it finds its way into the air and eventually onto your appliances surfaces. Here are some ways to get that grease off of those appliances again.

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Tile provides a lively accent
Polishing Ceramic Tiles

Ceramic tile is an extremely durable and relatively cheap material, all of which makes it more attractive to home owners and builders. Due to reasons such as these it is a pretty safe bet that there are some ceramic tiles in your home. There are times when cleaning alone isn't going to cut it; that is when polishing comes into play. Luckily, it's not that hard to do.

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Taking a refreshing shower
Shower Care

If you hate cleaning the shower, you definitely aren't alone. There are, however, some techniques you can try that make this task easier.

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Carpet can collect stains easily
Dealing with Carpet Stains

Many types of stains can afflict carpets, from juices and teas to chocolate and chewing gum. You can use things around the house to pick up the most common-and often the nastiest-stains that can afflict carpets.

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