Marching toward Warmer Weather

We are now half-way through May, and the May flowers are looking lovely as they pop into view. Nights are still cool, and once in a great while a cold storm blusters through.

I hope that you are enjoying the month as we progress through and that you enjoy the tips in this week's newsletter.


Cleaning Tips for 17 May 2021

Clothing needs constant cleaning
Cleaning Acrylics

While acrylic blends will retain their "new" appearance longer than pure acrylic fabric, pure acrylic garments can last a long time if cleaned gently, either by dry cleaning or washing them by hand.

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Clean walls are inviting
Removing Stains from Walls

Stains on walls are easiest to remove by cleaning them as soon as they happen. Different stains need different cleaning solutions, so it is good to have a wide range of products available. Basic household cleaners mixed correctly, such as bleach with water, borax and soap flakes, or baking soda with hand lotion can be used on different stains to leave your walls as good as new.

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Blinds collect dust
Cleaning Wood Blinds

When removing wood blinds from your windows, ask someone to help you, as they can be heavy. Never use water or water-based cleaning products on your wood blinds, as they may warp, and can even grow mold. Instead, use a quality wood cleaner and buff the wood after you clean it.

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Appliances fill a kitchen
Appliance Cleaning

To keep your appliances working correctly, you should take proper care of them. Clean them regularly to help them last.

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