Off to Arizona

Today I'm off in Arizona again, enjoying the relative warmth. (Relative to the lack of warmth in my Wyoming home, of course.) I'm visiting my parents and discussing with them important life issues. This is a quick trip, as I'll be heading back to the cold tomorrow.

I hope you have a great week and enjoy the tips in this week's newsletter.


Cleaning Tips for 17 January 2022

Cabinets are throughout the house
Cleaning Syrup Stains From Cabinets

Syrup stains can be tough. They are sticky and, once dry, can be very difficult to remove. Fortunately, there are a few methods you can try to get syrup off of your cabinets.

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Time to clean
Cleaning a Swamp Cooler

Evaporative coolers, also known as swamp coolers, are an inexpensive and efficient way to cool your home. They do, however, require regular maintenance and cleaning which can be tricky given that the location of most coolers is on the roof. Here are some tips to make the task go quickly and safely.

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Concrete is all around us
Removing Wood Stain from Concrete

One of the most common, and simplest, home improvement projects is staining the deck, steps, or wood trim around the home. Since it is one of the most common projects around, one of the most common cleanup problems is removing wood stain from concrete. Here are some great ideas on exactly how you can remove wood stain from your own concrete.

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Ink stains can be tough to clean
Removing Permanent Marker

Permanent markers can be a great help when you are moving, coloring a poster for your child's school project, or simply want to label something. However, they can be a major pain when it gets onto something that you don't want—such as your table or cabinets. Don't worry though. Removing permanent marker can be a fairly easy thing to do. Here's how.

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