Cooler Temperatures

It has been rather interesting around our area this past week. We had some storms move through, and temperatures dropped a bit from what they were. This means that we had to turn the heat on a couple of times, which seems odd given that a week before we were reaching for the air conditioning!

Being at a higher elevation than many folks, this cooling shouldn't be unexpected, even in August, but it just reinforces that the warmer days of summer are fleeting.

I hope things are going well in your area and that you enjoy the tips in this week's newsletter.


Cleaning Tips for 14 August 2017

Heating units need cleaning
Cleaning Heater Vents

Strange smells? Allergies? Inordinate amounts of dust? Bad air circulation? These might be the results of dirty or clogged heater vents and ducts. There are many professional duct cleaners who can deep-clean your house or apartment air ducts, but for the smaller, everyday jobs, here are some tips on how to maintain your own vents and ducts.

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Garages collect clutter and dirt
Cleaning Your Driveway

While you can use dangerous chemicals to clean your driveway, first try simple household chemicals, one at a time. You might find something that works just as well as a costly product. Always wear protective gear when using chemicals, and while cleaning your driveway, make sure that pets and children are not nearby.

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Time to clean
Removing Rug Stains from Bathrooms

Despite the fact that bathroom rugs are supposed to help protect our floors from stains (while looking good doing it), there are times when they can actually do the exact opposite. Removing rug stains from bathrooms is something that anyone can easily do if they only have the tools. Here are those tools that you need.

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Where we live
Cleaning Living Room Furniture

From hardwood to soft cloth, a living room has a lot of different surface types to keep clean. A methodical approach to cleaning all of your living room furniture is the best way to cut time and increase cleanliness.

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