Warm, Fun, and Safe

It is nice and warm in our area this weekend. Yesterday the temperatures were pushing 90, which is quite warm at our altitude. This has dried everything out, which means that the fire danger in the area is currently quite high. We are keeping watch to ensure that nothing gets out of hand!

For those readers in the United States, I hope that you had a fun and safe Independence Day last week. We had a cookout with our neighbors and enjoyed a movie together. It was great fun on a beautiful day.


Cleaning Tips for 9 July 2018

Proper firearms care requires cleaning
Gun Cleaning Kits

If you own a gun, you must maintain it correctly to ensure it continues to work the right way. Take time to clean your gun using a gun cleaning kit.

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Dusting makes for a cleaner room
Removing Salt Stains

While the snow and ice of winter can be a beautiful sight, the salt that generally comes out at the same time can create some truly ugly sights. The salt that is used during the winter months can be truly helpful, but leave some really nasty stains everywhere. Removing salt stains can be a unique task that doesn't need to be particularly difficult.

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Counters need frequent cleaning
Use Club Soda for Sparkling Countertops

Countertops become dull and stained after years of use. This tip, which recommends using club soda to add sparkle back to your countertops after cleaning them, is a great way to renew the look of your kitchen. Abrasives and scrubbing can only make your counter look duller, but club soda helps to clean you counter and keep its shine.

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Copper provides beauty and warmth
Removing Copper Stains

If you have some copper stains left by pipe water on the floor of your shower, or at the bottom of your sink, never fear. While it may seem a little difficult at first to get rid of this pernicious stain, it is possible. All you need to do is follow this method, and you will find that removing copper stains isn't as hard as it used to be.

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