Removing Stains from Tile

by Amy Gordon
(last updated September 2, 2013)


Tile has always remained the most preferred floor material for bathrooms and kitchens. Not only are these natural clay units available in numerous colors and patterns, they are also water resistant, and stains can be easily removed from them.

Stains on tiles are mainly caused by hard water, mildew, and rust marks. The grout between tiles also gets extremely dirty over time if it isn't cleaned regularly. Here is a stain removal guide to help you get a spotless kitchen or a sparkling clean bathroom for many years to come.

You will likely have to use some harsh chemicals to remove stains from your tiles, so make sure to wear gloves and goggles when applying these chemicals. Keep your windows open while cleaning.

Removing Rust

Iron deposits in water can cause ugly rust stains on your sink or shower tile. To remove rust from your tiles, use a commercial rust removing powder. To prevent damage to your tile, mix each tablespoon of rust remover with two tablespoons of poultice powder (diatomaceous earth) before using it. Add small amounts of water to the rust remover mixture until it has the texture of paste. Apply the solution over the stains and cover them with plastic lids. Leave the whole thing for the next twenty-four hours. After removing the poultice, if you find the rust has not gone entirely, remix and reapply the rust remover poultice.

Stains from Organic sources

Organic stains result mainly from tea, coffee, soft drinks, and dyes used in textiles. To deal with these stains, make a poultice containing hydrogen peroxide and a few drops of ammonia.

Oil Stains

In order to remove oil stains from tiles, first cover the tiles with any kind of absorbent powder, like cornstarch or whiting. Wait for at least half an hour and then brush away the powder. Spread the area with more powder, and this time, leave it for twenty-four hours. The next day, use a stiff brush to scrub your tiles with hot water and detergent. Finish the process by rinsing your tiles and wiping them dry.

In the case of more stubborn grease stains, scrub the stains with a mixture of poultice powder and acetone or amyl acetate (easily available in any medicine shop) and then rinse it off.

Removing Stains from Grout

You can make a mixture with some simple household materials that can be safely applied on a regular basis to keep grout clean. Take 1/2 cup of baking soda, add to it 1/3 cup of ammonia and 1/4 cup of white vinegar. Put the whole mixture into 7 cups of water and sponge it onto your grout.

Removing Blood Stains

First cover the bloodstains with paper towels. Then spray on the paper towels a solution freshly made of any disinfectant (like phenol liquid detergent) and water. Wait for fifteen minutes before removing the towels, then wipe the area with a fresh set of paper towels.

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