Moldy Freezer Vents

by Lee Wyatt
(last updated June 8, 2015)

If there is any single part of the freezer that becomes overlooked during the cleaning process, it has got to be the vents. For whatever reason, it can be extremely easy to over look those often tiny little blow holes. When those little slotted vents are overlooked, no matter how well you clean the rest of the freezer surface, you will find yourself quickly needing to clean everything all over again. Follow this simple step-by-step method, and though you will still need to clean the freezer, it will be a whole lot less work.

  1. Gather materials. For this task you need some bleach, dishwashing soap, a spray bottle, a soft bristled nylon brush, rubber gloves, clean rags, green scrubbie, sponge, and bucket. If you do not have all of these items on hand, while the second step is underway you can go out and purchase those items you need from any local grocery or department store.
  2. Prepare freezer. Disconnect the electrical power by pulling the plug from the wall. This will allow your freezer to defrost, while also keeping you safe from possible electrocution later on when you are cleaning. Once you have disconnected the power, begin removing any items that are in the freezer and place them in another freezer. (If you don't have another freezer, place them in coolers with dry ice to keep the items frozen. You don't want the food to spoil.)
  3. Soak. Just as when you are cleaning particularly dirty pots or pans, allowing your freezer time to soak will help clean particularly dirty freezers. Do this by making a mixture of water and bleach (roughly one part bleach to two parts water), putting it into a spray bottle, and then spraying the entire inside of the freezer. Cover every inch and then close the door. Repeat the process on the outside as well, once again making sure that you cover every part of the exterior. Allow everything to soak for fifteen minutes.
  4. Scrub. Prepare your cleaning solution by mixing regular dishwashing soap and water in a large bucket. Put on your rubber gloves so you don't get any bleach on yourself, grab the soft nylon brush, and begin scrubbing the entire freezer. Work your way from top to bottom, inside out, being sure that you cover every inch of the freezer (pay particular attention to the vents). After scrubbing with the nylon brush, repeat the process with the green scrubbie to ensure a thorough and complete scrubbing.
  5. Focus. While scrubbing with the nylon brush, pay particular attention to the vents of your freezer. This area of the freezer is very easy to overlook if you are not careful, and the nylon brush works wonders at reaching all the little nooks and crannies inherent in a freezer vent. (Any mold hiding out in the corners of the vents will be no match for the brush and the cleaning solution.)
  6. Rinse. If you are cleaning your freezer outside, the simplest way to rinse your freezer would be to hose it out. However if you are not able to do this then you will need to use a clean rag or sponge, get it wet and proceed to wipe off the suds. Once again work from the top of the freezer to the bottom, inside out. Make sure that you get all the suds and bleach out.
  7. Dry. Leave the door to the freezer open and, using a clean towel, wipe everything dry. Even after it looks like everything is completely dry, allow the freezer to sit open and air dry for about two hours. That should give plenty of time for everything to dry out, but check everywhere in, on, and under the freezer for any other signs of dampness or water before proceeding to the next step.
  8. Reassemble. After allowing everything to dry, all that you have to do now is reassemble everything. Remember to plug the freezer back in before you begin storing any food in it.

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Lee Wyatt

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