In the home, appliances are supposed to make our lives easier. Such kitchen appliances as microwave ovens and the range hood make cooking meals an easier task. In the laundry room, the washer and dryer combo that you just got are supposed to help ensure we spend less time on the mind numbing chore of doing the laundry. Unfortunately though, as with most things in life, when we start to collect appliances, we are soon obligated to spend time cleaning those time saving wonders, which takes more of our time. Take back as much of your time as possible, by using the time saving approaches found here.

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   Air Scrubber
Sometimes, a normal air purifier isn't enough to handle a certain job. For bigger air-cleaning situations, an air scrubber can work efficiently and effectively.

   Appliance Cleaning
To keep your appliances working correctly, you should take proper care of them. Clean them regularly to help them last.

   Clean Behind Your Kitchen Appliances
Make a regular schedule to clean behind your large kitchen appliances, penciling it into your cleaning calendar once or twice yearly. Clean behind your small kitchen appliances once a week.

   Cleaning a Foreman Grill
The George Foreman Grill is quickly becoming a must have appliance in kitchens across the country. This is due to its convenience, ease of use, and relative small size not to mention how well it does its job. If you would like to keep your Foreman Grill running in tiptop shape, then you best keep it clean. Luckily, cleaning a Foreman Grill is pretty easy to do.

   Cleaning a Heat Exchanger
Heat exchangers are necessary parts for many appliances you own, and they won't work effectively if you don't clean it regularly. Here's how to clean that heat exchanger, ensuring that your appliances work the best.

   Cleaning Appliances
When was the last time you cleaned your fridge, washing machine, or other appliance? Remember to maintain these machines to keep them working right.

   Cleaning Coffee Machines
Home coffee machines are commonplace, inexpensive, and easy to maintain. If you find that you still have trouble making a good pot of coffee after cleaning your machine, considering donating it to a charity and buying a new one since. Since they are so inexpensive, buying a new coffeemaker will cost less money then paying someone to repair one.

   Cleaning Nicotine Stains From Appliances
Just because someone has quit smoking doesn't mean that they are finished with all the complications of smoking. Years of smoking can leave a film of nicotine scum over everything in a home. It's one thing to clean it off of a wall, window, or even furniture and something completely different when it comes to cleaning your kitchen appliances. Here's everything you need to know so you can finally get your home smoke and nicotine free.

   Cleaning Stainless Steel Appliances
If you're not careful, "stainless" steel can actually garner stains. Keep your stainless steel appliances looking like new with these easy tips.

   Heat Exchanger Cleaning
Heat exchangers are an important part of certain appliances. To help these appliances run efficiently, be sure to clean the heat exchanger as often as needed.

   Moldy Freezer Vents
When cleaning your freezer it can be easy to become overwhelmed. With all the work of getting everything ready, and how long it usually takes to clean a freezer it's pretty easy to see how it happens. However, if you would like to avoid having to go through all that necessary (though tedious) work every few weeks, then you need to read this article.

   Range Hood Fan Cleaning
During routine cleaning, there is one part of the range hood that is often forgotten—the fan inside the hood. While it may not be necessary to clean very often, if the fan is not cleaned periodically then you are not getting the fan's full effect. Instead of calling a professional and paying an arm and a leg to get this piece of kitchen equipment clean, follow this step-by-step guide and do it yourself.

   Remove Permanent Marker from Counters and Appliances
Permanent marker isn't as permanent as one might think. Alcohol on a paper towel will absorb permanent marker from a variety of surfaces.

   Removing Grease from Appliance Surfaces
Whenever you cook with grease, at least a small portion of it finds its way into the air and eventually onto your appliances surfaces. Here are some ways to get that grease off of those appliances again.

   Small Appliances
In general, appliances can help make everyday tasks faster and easier to complete. Small appliances are portable and convenient in size, and can assist with cooking and cleaning jobs.

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