Restoring Yellowed Cultured Marble

by Lee Wyatt
(last updated May 12, 2014)


Restoring yellowed cultured marble is often seen as a rather difficult task when it really doesn't need to be. The main reason for this is that many people believe that you need to use specialized cleaners or tools in order to get the cultured marble back to its original glamorous look, when that couldn't be further from the truth. Here is an easy method that you can use to begin restoring yellowed cultured marble today.

Keep in mind one little fact though, the method described here is ideally suited for smaller cultured marble objects. If you are looking to restore larger yellowed cultured marble items, such as a backsplash or a floor, then you will need to adjust the method slightly.

For cleaning some larger cultured marble items, all you really need to do is use a little bit of Polident Denture Cleaner, or some Alka Seltzer. These two items can very effectively clean marble. There is a small problem though, and that lies in applying the stuff. This can easily be solved by first making a cleaning solution in a small plastic dish. Once you have made the cleaning solution in the plastic dish, begin laying down some soft absorbent cloths over the marble item. Pour the cleaning mixture onto the cloths and then allow it to sit for about an hour. As it sits, make sure that you keep the cloths damp, but not dripping wet. Remove the cloths, and rinse the solution away with a soft and clean, damp cloth. Repeat the process as necessary until the yellowed cultured marble has been fully restored.

Cleaning smaller cultured marble items, such as statues, isn't that difficult. Once again, create a cleaning solution. This time, instead of a plastic dish, use a plastic tub that is large enough to hold the marble item. Place enough water and tablets into the tub to be able to cover the item, and then insert the item. Be careful as you do this so that you do not damage the item. Allow the cultured marble to sit in the tub for no more than an hour before you remove it. You want to be careful when immersing cultured marble in water, since it can absorb the water somewhat and begin to degrade. Once you have removed the item from the tub, place it in a dry, warm, well lit room that is out of direct sunlight, and away from direct heat. Rub down the marble with a soft clean rag, and then allow the marble to completely dry out. Inspect to see if it still needs to be cleaned; if so, repeat as necessary until it has been completely restored.

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What is 8 - 2?

2017-08-10 19:46:22


I have a culture marble fire place that has yellowed. How can I use the Alka-Seltzer--POlident method?

2016-10-12 05:16:21


I have a 1970's table lamp,the marble base and stem has gone yellow.In a couple of places I can see a spot of white underneath, how do I clean this back to white again please.

2016-04-03 22:26:07


Could I use this method for cleaning a statute which is 3ft tall?
If there is a email I could use, I could upload the photo of the statute.

2016-03-15 12:09:38

Suzanne Lesage

How many denture cleaning tablets do you need to use? Let's say, how many to a gallon of water? I am needing to clean a yellowed side splash to our cultured marble sink. It is removed from the wall, so it can be soaked.

2015-09-29 10:05:39

Susan Mangus

Just replaced the double sink vanity in our guest bathroom - recycled the original compound marble top as it was in perfect condition altho it had yellowed (originally a cream color with blue veining). Tried the method above - however I laid out the dry towels FIRST on the marble for a good "fit", then mixed 30 Polident tablets in 15 cups of real warm water, saturated the towels and relaid them on the marble, used a cup measure to pour the little bit of extra solution over towels, waited the one hour.... and VOILA ! So much of the yellowing had gone that I repeated the process after 24 hours.... then polished with polishing compound from NAPA (as recommended on another site). I am thrilled with how the marble top looks AND saved a ton of $$ not having to buy an unnecessary new top. Thanks so much for offering this easy way to restore yellowed marble to original condition !!

2015-08-30 17:24:24

Melvin weiss

Shower walls. I would be interested in your to this question. Thank you.

2015-06-17 08:44:42

John Moon

I need to know answer to restoring yellowing cultured marble on shower walls. Thanks.

2015-05-21 11:54:54

Deb Orcholski

When using polident or alka seltzer on a larger surface how much water do you mix with either of those?

2014-07-18 15:29:06


Any tips on restoring yellowing cultured marble on shower walls

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