Pantry Organizer

by Karen Bates
(last updated October 13, 2014)


Have you ever been looking for an item in your kitchen, and then realized that amidst the clutter of your pantry you have no idea where to find what you need? This can be a common scenario, even if you have tried to keep your pantry organized in the past. It is easy for a neat and clean pantry to get filled with cans, boxes, dishes, and other things over time until it becomes messy.

If you have trouble keeping the pantry organized, don't feel overwhelmed. With the right tools and a good plan, you can easily turn a cluttered area into a perfectly neat space where every item has a place.

The first step to getting your pantry organized is to decide which method of organization you prefer. Consider your options, and choose what you think you'll be able to continue using successfully. You will have the most luck maintaining a clean pantry if you use an organization method that is right for you and your family.

No matter what your pantry looks like, you can find a way to effectively organize it. One of the simplest ways to implement a system of organization is to use plastic bins. You can choose various sizes depending on the size of the shelves and items in your pantry, and use these bins to separate the different kinds of things you keep in your pantry. For example, you can use one bin for canned foods, another for cereal boxes, and another for cooking ingredients like flour and sugar. You can even label the bins if you want.

You can also find various ready to use organization systems. For instance, you can purchase an over-the-door organizer that will add more space for your items. These can come in the forms of shelves or pouches that can hold different things. You might also be interested in a can organizer if you have a lot of canned food taking up space in your pantry. These hold cans and help you better utilize space on the shelves. These are available in many sizes to suit your needs, and some models rotate the food to help you use older cans first. Also, you can add racks to your pantry as well as plastic bag organizers and canisters.

Before you begin any organization system, first clear everything out of your pantry and clean the area thoroughly. Separate the items into groups, then replace them in the pantry using your new organization method. As long as you stick to the system, you'll be able to find exactly what you need without trouble.

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Karen Bates

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2014-10-13 09:35:03


This is a very wise tip, but I can't use it. I'm living in a apartment. My pantry has a folding door, so I can't hang anything on it. The shelves are neither deep nor long, and there are only four. I keep the things I use only occasionally on the top shelf, but it's high for me; I'm only 5' 1 or 5' 2". Can anybody give me any recommendations? Thank you, and God bless you for the help!

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