Removing Magic Markers from Plaster

by Lee Wyatt
(last updated January 14, 2019)

Magic markers, no matter how useful they are, have a nasty tendency of creating a mess just about everywhere. When children get a hold of them this tendency can be expected to become a certainty. One of the most common places that a magic marker mess can be found is on the walls of your home or office. While it can often be a little difficult to remove magic markers from regular painted walls, if you happen to have a plaster wall of some kind, the job can easily seem more difficult. That is, unless you use one of these methods to help you in removing magic markers from plaster.

  • Magic erasers. Magic erasers, such as the ones made by Mr. Clean are among one of the most effective methods for removing most kinds of stains. If there is any kind of sealant or protectant covering over the plaster, then this is going to be one of your most effective methods for removing the magic marker. However, if your plaster is uncoated, then you will want to be very careful, and try testing it out in an inconspicuous location first. This is in large part due to the nature of the "Magic Erasers" which require you to rub or scrub. If you don't have a protectant on the plaster, this rubbing or scrubbing can ruin the look of your plaster quite easily.
  • Oxy-spot. There is an acne treatment that can actually be used to help remove magic markers from plaster, and that is called Oxy-spot. Ideally, this product will work on smaller messes that you can allow to sit in the sun for a few hours. Apply the product to the stain liberally to the stain, and allow it to sit for a few hours before wiping away. However, be sure that you test the treatment in an inconspicuous location before you actually begin cleaning. This will allow you to tell if there is any adverse reaction, and whether you should or should not use the material for cleaning the problem.
  • Motsenbocker's Lift Off. A truly effective method for removing most kinds of stains, including magic markers, is a product called Motsenbocker's Lift Off. However, this is an exceptionally strong cleaner, and should be used with caution if using it on plaster. Always test out the cleaner (and follow the directions when doing this) in an inconspicuous location before you actually begin to use it for cleaning. If you notice any discoloration or dramatic changes to the test area, discontinue using and use one of the other methods instead.

There is one thing to realize about removing magic markers from plaster. Whether you can remove the mess or not will depend on whether the mess is simply a "surface" marking, or if the marker dye has actually "penetrated and imbedded" itself into the plaster. Surface making can, sometimes, be removed. Usually you will have to repaint the afflicted area after words to simply cover up the effects of cleaning, unless you are very lucky that is. However, if the magic marker has actually penetrated the plaster, then you will actually have to remove the afflicted plaster itself. This can usually be done by using a very fine type of sandpaper, and sanding the afflicted plaster away.

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