Cleaning Wood Blinds

by April Reinhardt
(last updated July 27, 2015)


Wood blinds as a window treatment are a costly investment, and since they are wood, they should be cleaned and cared for as if they were fine wood furniture. I have faux-wood blinds hanging at my living room windows, and I clean them just as I would clean aluminum blinds; with Windex and paper towels. True wood blinds are porous, however, and wet cleaning solutions may damage their finish. Think of a wooden dining table. Would you spray it with glass cleaner to clean it? Certainly not! You'd dull the finish and, in some cases, remove the finish entirely if you used household chemicals to clean it. Instead, use wood cleaner to clean your wood binds, and follow these tips:

  • Pull your wood blinds completely shut to create a flat cleaning surface.
  • Before using any cleaning solution, vacuum your blinds using the hose attachment on your vacuum cleaner.
  • Use a feather duster or a disposable microfiber duster, such as a Swiffer, to clean the slats.
  • If your wood blinds are still dirty, you can clean them with a cleaner specially formulated for wood. Buy a product such as Murphy's Wood Oil Soap and mix it in a bucket with water according to the directions on the label. Apply the solution with a soft cloth to each slat. Reverse the direction of the slats and clean the other side.
  • To make your wood blinds shine after cleaning them, apply a wood oil and allow it to soak into the wood.
  • If your wood blinds are extremely dirty, then you need to remove them from the window to clean them. Follow these steps to clean your wood blinds after removing them from the window:

    1. Place a large white bed sheet on your kitchen floor.
    2. Before removing the blinds form the window, open the slats so that they are open and completely horizontal.
    3. Mix wood soap in a bucket according to the package directions and use a soft cloth to gently clean each slat on both sides. Some people recommend using a gentle paint brush to clean wood slats, but a soft cloth is more manageable and able to get into tight places.
    4. While the slats are drying, spray the pull cords with shaving cream, and allow it to stand for a few minutes, then wipe away with paper towels.
    5. When the wood slats are dry, rub a dryer sheet across each one to prevent static when you re-hang the blinds.
    6. Hang your blinds back at your window with help from someone. Wood blinds can be extremely heavy and you probably will need an extra pair of hands.

    Never use water or water based cleaning products on wood blinds, as water will cause wood to curve or warp. Each time you dust your furniture, it is a good idea to dust your wood blinds. Don't wait until they have an inch of grime or dust before cleaning them.

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April Reinhardt

An admin­istrator for a mutual fund man­age­ment firm, April deals with the writ­ten word daily. She loves to write and plans to author a memoir in the near future. April attend­ed More­head State Uni­ver­sity to pursue a BA degree in Ele­men­tary Edu­ca­tion. ...


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2015-10-19 10:58:30

Anita Mas

That's true that wood can soak up liquids if you aren't careful. I wonder if the blinds in our place are real wood or fake. We should check into that. I would hate to damage them because I wasn't aware. <a href='' ></a>

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