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If you have windows in your home or office, then you have window treatments. There can be so many different approaches to window treatments, that some people may not even think what they have for their windows is actually a window treatment. Some of the things that are used are a theme such as a nautical window treatment, or using curtains made from a fabric such as silk. Even if you use such a simple thing as blinds, these are going to need to be cleaned at one time or another. Find out the best method here.

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   Cleaning Mini-Blinds
Mini-blinds are one of the hardest parts of the house to dust. For an easy solution, put a sock on each hand and use one hand to wash the blinds and one hand to dry them. To brighten up the cord, soak it in a bleach solution.

   Cleaning Silk Curtains
Silk curtains, just like any other silk object, can be a beautiful and elegant addition to the decor of any home. That is, they can be if they are taken care of properly. Luckily, cleaning silk curtains is something that anyone can do, and doesn't take any specialized training. All you need to do is follow these simple instructions to get your silk curtains perfectly clean.

   Cleaning Silk Window Treatments
Silk is difficult to clean because it is such a fragile fabric. The process below will get your silk window treatments clean without causing them damage. You can also spot-clean your silk if you use great care.

   Cleaning Venetian Blinds
Blinds are wonderful as a window covering, but when it comes to cleaning them they can be a nightmare. This doesn't have to be. Just use one of these ideas on how to clean your blinds.

   Cleaning Wood Blinds
When removing wood blinds from your windows, ask someone to help you, as they can be heavy. Never use water or water-based cleaning products on your wood blinds, as they may warp, and can even grow mold. Instead, use a quality wood cleaner and buff the wood after you clean it.

   Handling Window Treatments
Window treatments can help make or break the look and decor of any room. However, just because you may have the perfect drapes, blinds or curtains for your room doesn't mean that your room is going to look fabulous. Handling the window treatments in your home is something that everyone should learn to do; here's how.

   Keeping Shutters Clean
Traditionally, window shutters were designed to be both decorative and functional. In recent years though, these shutters have become more of a decorative window treatment. If they are not kept clean the right way though, this decorative addition to your home can actually become an eyesore. To begin keeping shutters clean, all you need to do is follow these guidelines.

   Quick Clean Your Curtains and Bedspreads
Curtains and bedspreads are hard to clean, and running them through a wash cycle could damage them. To clean these items without damaging them, run them through the delicate cycle on your dryer. For even fresher results, throw a dryer sheet and a damp towel in the dryer with your curtains or bedspreads.

   Removing Stains from Draperies
Draperies can make a room look beautiful, but they also absorb sunlight, dust, dirt, smoke, and grime. Make sure to vacuum your drapes once every six months or so to stop a build up of dust. Several preventative measures exist to keep your draperies looking good, but if they do get stained, most of the time you will have to turn to a professional cleaning service. If the draperies are water resistant, you can also try steam-cleaning them.

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