Polishing Corian


Corian is a wonderful manmade material that many people are using more and more in the home. Some of the reasons for this are due to its beauty, versatility, and relatively inexpensive nature. Relatively inexpensive, that is, when you compare it to marble, or some other kind of material. Regularly polishing Corian will help you maintain the beauty and durability of the material. Follow these simple step-by-step instructions to be able to properly polish your Corian countertops the next time it's needed.


  • Fine grit sandpaper (between 180 grit to no more than 600 grit)
  • Low speed polisher (1500 rpm to 2000 rpm)
  • Polishing pads (Scotch Brite Polishing Pads are perfect)
  • Countertop wax
  • Household bleach
  • Non-abrasive Corian cleanser
  • Clean damp, non-abrasive cloths
  • Polishing compound


  1. Clean. Before beginning your polishing, you need to clean the countertop as thoroughly as you possibly can. Simply clean your countertop as you normally would, but be sure that you get the entire countertop. This helps remove any dirt and grime that may damage the countertop later on.
  2. Sand. While it is possible that you could use an automatic sander, you really need to use a regular sanding block for greater control over what you will be doing. Before beginning your sanding, take a look at the type of surface you have. Is it a matte-finish? If so, then you will need to use between 180 and 220 grit sandpaper. For a semi-gloss surface, then you need to use a 400 grit sandpaper. For a high-gloss surface, you need to start with a 400 grit sandpaper and finish with a 600 grit. Lightly sand the surface that needs to be polished, and be sure that you remove all the cuts and scratches. For a high gloss, after your initial pass, go back over everything again with the 600 grit sandpaper so that you can restore everything to the high gloss that you need.
  3. Clean. Apply some of the Corian cleaner to the cloth rags and clean off all the dust, dirt, and grime that was created from the sanding. First clean off everything with the cleaner and then rinse the rag and wipe down the countertops again.
  4. Polish. After your countertop is dry, apply some more of the Corian cleaner to one of the polishing pads and use the low-speed polisher. Buff out the counter, reapplying the cleaner as needed and using a gentle pressure to improve the general look of the countertop. This will restore much of the shine to your counters. Next, change the polishing pads, and add a little polishing compound to the pad. Slowly, gently, and moving in a circular motion rub the polish into the countertop. Be sure that you are using a polishing agent that is designed to work with Corian. After applying the polish, wipe off any remaining excess polish, and allow the surface to countertops to dry completely.
  5. Wax/Seal. Once the countertop has been polished, it is time to protect it a little more. Use a clean soft rag and wipe some wax/sealer onto the countertop. Once again, use a circular motion to rub the wax into the surface of the counter. Keep rubbing until you can no longer see any of the wax, and then allow the counter to dry. Repeat this again for another coat, and then use another clean soft rag to wipe away any residual wax to keep your counters from having a streaky look. Once again, allow your countertop to dry completely before proceeding to the next step.
  6. Clean. Clean your countertop as you normally would. This is so that you can prepare your countertops for regular use, however, you will want to also use a little bit of bleach to disinfect the countertops and make them safe for use.

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What is four less than 8?

2016-03-25 18:35:16


What is the name of the polish ??

2015-07-28 20:28:48


can I use the cleansing paste from Norwex on corian countertops?????

2015-03-12 05:35:58


Can Corian be used as flooring in the living room?

2015-03-06 01:32:26


we had a 2 foot scratch in our corian center island counter top. Not a major scratch but very noticeable. I used my car wax-on pad (mcguires) which is sponge like, car wax and rubbed circular motion into the scratch and hand buffed with a micro fiber towel. About half came off. I repeated the process and now its 95% gone. Will repeat again tomorrow. Counter already looks great and shiny too. This really works. Who would have thought, car wax and wax pad would work so well on scratches.

2014-12-04 00:14:54

bundegi honolulu

Yeah the other contributor was right. This is totally bad information. Hand sanding, no possible way to blend in properly. This is just a incomplete information about refinishing the countertop. I am a professional refinisher and regular folks who try to refinish will just make it look worse.Use a certified or approved fabricator.

2014-11-09 17:53:36


Go to Menards and get a an orange cleaner (Orange oil) and some Rejuvinate....polish for Corian.
Scotch Brite pads are green.

2014-11-06 12:55:20


please give me a name of a polish to use

2014-09-30 11:04:14

Bill Sicari

Your information is useful. Can you advise the following:
1. what is the non-abrasive cleaner?
2. what polish do I use
3. what wax and sealant to I use?

Thank you.

2014-07-21 02:40:23

B. watts

The above advice is almost worthless. DEFINE which polishes, cleansers and waxes to use! I can tell you to wax your car, but if you use a floor wax, it comes out looking like Sh*t. Generalistic statements don't make someone an expert, it just shows that they don't know what the heck they are talking about. I can't even find Corian cleaner locally, and as far as Scotch bright pads, try to get anything except the green ones and this is a major city.
the whole thing above was worthless.

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