Cleaning Double Paned Windows

by Lee Wyatt
(last updated June 11, 2018)

Double paned windows are a very popular choice among home owners due to their ability to help insulate the home. However, what do you do when you need to clean them? Cleaning double paned windows is fairly easy to do, as long as you don't take any drastic measures. By drastic measures, I mean trying to take the window apart so you can clean a stain on the "inside". This is something that you do not want to do. Instead of trying to take your double paned windows apart, follow these guidelines to ensure that you have cleaned them the right way, and not caused any damage.

Exterior stains.

  • Choose the right tools. In order to begin cleaning double paned windows, you need to realize what kind of tools you are going to need. You don't need to go out and purchase any specialty tools or cleaners. Rather, you can use regular window cleaners, newspapers, paper towels, or even squeegees if you want. You can use just about any kind of window or glass cleaner, or even make your own. Personally, I prefer to use newspapers and non-ammonia cleaners to get my windows clean.
  • Choose the right time. The best time to clean your windows is not on a bright and sunny day, but rather on one that is slightly overcast. The reason for this is that the bright sunshine can actually help to dry up your cleaner before you the chance to wipe it away. By choosing to clean your windows on an overcast day, you can avoid this problem and have less streaks. In the event that you can't wait till an overcast day, try to do your cleaning in the early morning, or evening, when the temperature isn't as high.
  • Spray and wipe the windows. Spray the glass cleaner on your windows to begin cleaning them. Avoid using large amounts of the cleaner though, since you don't want to have streaks. Instead, spray a small amount, and then wipe it away. Work in one area of the window and move on to the next. This will help you to avoid any streaks, particularly if you use newspapers or a squeegee to clean the windows.
  • Repeat as necessary. Repeat the process as many times as necessary to ensure that you have a clean window. Don't just clean the part of the window that is on the inside of your house, but the side that is outside as well. This will help ensure that you have a crystal clear window so that you can enjoy the beauty of the world without any smudges, taints, or shadows from dirt blocking the view.

Interior stains.

In the case of double paned windows, interior stains do not mean stains that are on the inside of the house. Rather it means stains, smudges, or condensation, which can be found between the two panes of glass. In the event that you find anything like this do not try to clean it. If you have these kinds of stains, it means that the seal is broken, and the windows are not working properly. Often, many double paned windows come with a long term guarantee. See if you can find the name of the manufacturer and the date of the material on the inside of the panes. When you find this information, contact the manufacturer to see if they will replace the window. Many times they will. However, if they do not, you will need to replace the windows yourself.

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