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Windows and mirrors are probably going to take up a fair amount of time in your cleaning schedule. After all, there is the mirror glass, mirror frames your bathroom mirrors and hall mirrors. There are window treatments to clean, and if you are really lucky, bay windows. Each of these objects are going to require a distinctive approach to cleaning. Save time and energy for things that are more fun by getting all the help that you can find.

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   Clean Windows with a Coffee Filter
Cloth and paper towels often leave bits of themselves behind on your windows. If, after cleaning your windows regularly, you wipe down your windows with a coffee filter, you will remove both lint and excess moisture, eliminating streaks.

   Cleaning Double Paned Windows
Do you happen to have some double paned windows in your home? More than likely you do, since this is a very popular choice among home builders and home owners. Cleaning double paned windows though can often be confusing, unless you know what to do. Here are some simple guidelines that you can use to help ensure that you get them cleaned the right way.

   Cleaning Insect Remains from Windows
Cleaning insects from your windshield or windows can gross, but it doesn't have to be difficult. In many cases, you can even use products that you already have around your house. Try these tips to get your glass insect-free and looking great.

   Cleaning Plexiglass
Despite their similar uses, glass and plexiglass are not exactly alike and therefore should not be treated like the same material. Plexiglass is much more susceptible to scratches and chemical damage. So if you have a special piece made from plexiglass or if you have replaced glass in your home for plexiglass, you will also have to replace your glass cleaning habits for more plexiglass-friendly methods. Here are some tips on how to clean your plexiglass.

   Cleaning Stained Auto Glass
Over time auto glass has a tendency to become stained and etched, which makes it more difficult to see out of. If auto glass is difficult to see out of, then at the very least this can present a bit of a problem when driving. Cleaning stained auto glass is possible, though it can sometimes be a little difficult.

   Cleaning Window Screens
Window screens are a wonderful little item that can come in real handy, particularly if you don't have air conditioning. With window screens in place, you can have your windows open, perhaps get a nice breeze, and not have to worry about any bugs or creepy crawlies coming into the home. However, just like anything else, window screens need to be cleaned from time to time. Here's how.

   Cleaning Windows
Windows can get pretty dirty pretty easily, especially if you have a family. Windows need to be cleaned frequently, and you need to make sure that you clean them well.

   Get Rid of Plexiglass Scratches
Plexiglass can become scratched or damaged over time. Instead of removing and replacing the damaged portions of the plexiglass, try to repair the damaged plastic. Doing that is going to save some money in the future.

   Make Your Own Window-Washing Liquid
You can make your own window washing liquid with ammonia and water. An even better alternative to Windex is to mix ammonia, alcohol, dishwashing liquid, and water, a mixture that will not freeze. Make sure to label your homemade cleaning fluid bottles.

   Removing Stickers from Windows
Stickers can be a wonderful item that will allow you (or your children) the opportunity to add some additional decoration wherever you wish. There is only one problem with them, and that is they tend to be permanent in their addition. Removing them later, particularly from windows, can provide a few hours of annoying work if you don't know what you should do. Luckily, now you do.

   Streak-Free Windows
You can easily have some beautiful, streak-free windows that are crystal clear and clean. It's fast, easy and can happen without a lot of work. Read on to find out how.

   Tackle Streaks when Cleaning Windows
Streaks of window cleaner tend to appear on windows, even with expensive window cleaners. Wiping in different directions on each side of a window will help you to know which side of the window streaks are on. Using high-quality cleaner and not watering concentrate cleaners down too much will keep away streaks. Wiping with a rag or cloth towel can eliminate paper towel fibers.

   Use Air Freshener to Clean Your Mirrors
You can use many of your cleaning chemicals for multiple purposes. Air freshener works as a glass cleaner that will also add a great smell to your home. Some air fresheners may even clean bacteria from your glass surfaces.

   Using a Window Squeegee
Just about everyone in the world would like to have a nice clean window, and frankly there are as many ways to do this as there are people. Arguably, one of the best ways is by using a window squeegee. Just make sure that you know how before you begin using one.

   Window Cleaning Supplies
There are so many cleaners out there that sometimes it's hard to keep track of what cleaners you need. Keep reading to know which cleaning supplies are best for cleaning windows.

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