Dealing with Magnet Stains

by Lee Wyatt
(last updated April 18, 2016)

Anyone who has ever had a child knows how a refrigerator fills several rolls in the home. Not only does a refrigerator hold the food and drinks in the home, it also serves as a bulletin board and most importantly a place for the children to show off their latest and greatest works of art. By being used as a display stand and a message board, refrigerators can become subjected to a wide assortment of stains. One of the more annoying types of stains is a magnet stain. Dealing with magnet stains is fairly easy to do, if you are willing to try a few different methods. Each of these methods listed here will work, though some may require a little more elbow grease than others.

  • Magic Erasers. Perhaps one of the most effective, and inexpensive, cleaning products currently on the market is the Mr. Clean Magic Eraser. This cleaning product will get rid of most, if not all, stains that you can come across including magnet stains. All you need to do is get one a little damp, and then start rubbing the stained area. You should notice that the magnet stains begin to lift almost immediately.
  • Motsenbocker's Lift Off. An extremely effective method for dealing with magnet stains (as well as other kinds of stains) is a product called Motsenbacker's Lift Off. Typically, this product, when used properly, will significantly reduce if not eliminate completely the stain. Get a cotton ball damp with the cleaning compound, and then tape it in place using some bandaging tape. Ensure that the tape extends for three inches on either side of the cotton ball, and allow the cotton ball to remain in place overnight. Check to ensure that the cotton ball is still moist every 90 minutes while you are awake, and then remove in the morning. The stain should be gone by morning.
  • Goo Be Gone. Another effective method for dealing with magnet stains is to use a product called Goo Be Gone, which can be purchased at most local department stores. Simply apply a heavy coating of the product to the stained area according to the direction on the package. Let it sit for a while (no longer than what it says on the packaging, though 15 to 20 minutes should be enough time) and then rub it away with a damp clean cloth. If necessary repeat the process to completely remove the stain.

In the event that you are unable to purchase any of the above listed cleaning supplies, there is a method available that utilizes cleaning supplies most people already have in the home. Simply follow these steps, and you will soon have a refrigerator that is completely free of any magnet stains.

  1. Remove everything. Take everything off of the fridge. This means that you remove everything that you have on top of the fridge, as well as anything that is stuck on the sides.
  2. Wide down the fridge. Take a good micro-fiber cloth, and moisten it only slightly with something a 50/50 solution that is made of glass cleaner (like Windex) and white vinegar. Wipe the fridge down carefully. You are trying to remove all the "static dirt," bits of magnet, dust, and other items that may be stuck to the fridge. When you are done, you may be able to wash the cloth, but it would be simpler to just toss it. You may need to repeat this step twice to completely remove everything.
  3. Create a cleaning mixture. Create a cleaning mixture by combining 6 cups of hot water, 1/2 cup of good liquid dish detergent, and 1/2 cup of baking soda. This mixture will be very gooey, but is very effective.
  4. Begin washing. Add a little bit of the mixture to a green scrubbie, and then begin cleaning the fridge. You will need to use a lot of elbow grease, and rinse out the green scrubbie a lot, but the mixture will clean the fridge.
  5. Rinse. Using another clean cloth and some warm water, rinse the refrigerator.
  6. Inspect and repeat. Once you have rinsed and cleaned the refrigerator, inspect to insure you have actually cleaned everything. If not, you will need to repeat steps four and five.
  7. Sanitize. Wipe down the refrigerator again using some rubbing alcohol and a soft cloth. This will help ensure that you have sanitized the surface, as well as removing any remaining dirt, soap, or other mess that you may have missed.
  8. Polish. Use some basic spray appliance polish that is sold at most local department stores, and give the fridge a good going over. Allow the fridge to dry completely before you begin replacing everything on the refrigerator. While you are waiting, clean the back sides of all the magnets using the same steps as listed above. You will not need to, and should not, polish the magnets though.

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