Clean Your Toilet the Easy Way

by Amy Gordon
(last updated May 21, 2012)

Indoor plumbing has revolutionized our world. We no longer have to leave our houses and go out into the cold to do business that every one of us has to do several times a day. The problem with this is that it brings a major cleaning task into the home. We now have to deal with toilets that are always full of water and are constantly under abuse. They constantly need to be cleaned, and even using the store bought cleaner will sometimes fail to clean everything that should come off. There are some alternative methods you can use to clean the toilet. Each one of them is for a different purpose, and should be able to clean those annoying stains that just would not come out before.

The first thing you can do is use Coca Cola to clean out the toilet. This is very effective if you are faced with a really filthy toilet that has brown staining. All you need to do is pour half of a two-liter bottle (or a one-liter bottle) of Coke into the bowl. Let the bowl full of Coke settle overnight. Make sure that, if you have children, they know to use a different toilet in your house. The next day, you can flush the Coke down. Use your toilet brush to clean off that previously hard stuck residue. It will amaze you how much will brush away with ease.

Clean Your Toilet with Lemon Juice and Borax

Another tip you can try is to use a paste of lemon juice and borax. This method is particularly effective if you have stains and rings on the inside of your toilet that just will not go away with your normal toilet cleaner.

To make the paste, take the juice of one lemon and slowly add enough borax to make it into a pasty consistency. You can also use lemon juice if you do not want to squeeze your own lemon. Apply this paste to the stained area and let it sit about fifteen minutes. Remember that Borax is toxic, so be careful both mixing it and after it has been applied. Although most people will have no desire to touch anything on a toilet, animals may be attracted to the lemony fresh smell. Make sure to keep them away.

After the paste has sat on the stains for fifteen minutes, get a nylon scrubber. Use this scrubber on the applied paste, scrubbing in a circular motion. Scrub with the nylon scrubber until you get rid of all the stains. You will be quite surprised at the results.

Clean Your Toilet with White Vinegar

If your toilet has more stains and rings than clean areas, then it is time to get serious. Pour a bit of white vinegar into the toilet bowl and leave it soak for about an hour. You can buy white vinegar in most supermarkets, and it is quite cheap.

Scrub with a toilet brush as you usually do. When you have thoroughly scrubbed the stained area, flush the vinegar down the drain. As you flush, you will find that the stains are history. As a secondary benefit, the vinegar will help clean out the drain as it flows down the toilet.

Clean Your Toilet with a Vitamin C Tablet

If you want to try something a little different to clean your toilet, try this trick that you probably have not heard about. Just take two or three vitamin C tablets, place them in the toilet bowl, and let them dissolve for about two hours. When you scrub out your toilet bowl with your brush, the stains will just wipe away. You can try this in conjunction with your normal toilet cleaning routine to make cleaning your toilet a breeze.

Clean Your Toilet with Alka-Seltzer

Are you looking for a new, refreshing way to clean your toilet or just trying to find a way to use up some old Alka-Seltzer tablets? Well, this tip to clean your toilet with Alka-Seltzer will do the trick.

To clean your toilet, just drop two Alka-Seltzer tablets into the toilet bowl and then wait about twenty minutes. Brush and scrub the toilet bowl, then flush the toilet. The citric acid and effervescent action of the Alka-Seltzer tablets clean china toilets with little effort on your part!

Clean Your Toilet While You Are Out

Here is a great timesaving tip that will clean your toilet while you are out on an errand or at work. Simply pour one-quarter cup of bleach in your toilet bowl before you head out the door. When you get back you just need to flush the toilet, and you will have a glistening bowl.

Warning: Do not put bleach into the toilet bowl if you already have a tank-held cleaner that works each time you flush the toilet. The cleaner might contain ammonia and if ammonia and bleach are mixed, they produce toxic fumes. Also, just like any other time you use bleach, make sure to be extra careful with the chemicals. Close the door so no animals can get in and accidentally drink the bleach.

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Amy Gordon

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