Tub Cleaning

by Karen Bates
(last updated March 30, 2015)


Compared to other chores around the house, cleaning the bathroom is the job that seems to be the most unpleasant. Other household chores appear to be easy compared to the work involved in scrubbing the toilet, cleaning glass, removing build-up on counters, and mopping the floor in this area of the house. And then, there's the bathtub.

Tub cleaning is a job that many people strongly dislike, and for good reason. Over time, as water hits the tub, the surface can become prone to soap scum build-up, hard water deposits, dirt, and a grimy film that develops slowly. By the time you notice that there is a mess, it has probably gotten to the point where cleaning up requires a lot of chemical cleaners or elbow grease to remove.

Luckily, there are certain methods you can try to make the task of cleaning the tub much easier and more successful. It is important that you use the right tools and cleaners to get the job done in the most efficient way possible. Otherwise, you may end up scrubbing and cleaning for way longer than necessary to complete the task.

To get your bath tub clean, try one of the following methods:

  • Begin by clearing all bottles, soap, or other items from the tub area. This will ensure that you clean all surfaces thoroughly without anything getting in your way.
  • Find a bathroom cleaner that is formulated specifically for getting dirt and stains off of the tub surface. By using a bath tub cleaner, you can target problems specific to the tub area and therefore make the job faster and easier for you.
  • Scrub the tub using cleaner and a sponge, scrub brush, or rag to remove dirty build-up.
  • Maintain a clean bath tub by scrubbing often to discourage build-up. You may also want to prevent messes by using a shower spray that helps stop film form accumulating in the tub and shower area.
  • Are you looking for a more natural, chemical-free way to clean the tub? Try using a vinegar and baking soda paste to scrub the tub's surface. Use equal parts vinegar and water to spray dirty areas, then scrub. You can also combine a little water with baking soda to create a cleaning paste.

The most important element of keeping the tub clean is prevention. Clean the tub often to stop dirty build-up and hard water spots from forming and making the job harder than it needs to be.

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What is eight more than 8?

2015-04-02 18:20:01


I have always heard that if you wax your tub/shower with a product like car wax that it will help repel water and soap rings. It works on our cars, and they are exposed to much more dirt (I hope) than our tubs!

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