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When it comes to household cleaners, everyone has their favorites. Some people might swear by ammonia, where as other prefer vinegar. The thing is, each cleaner has their own strengths and weakness (for example, neither is really going to make it big as an oven cleaner). If you want to know when to you should use vinegar (and there are many different kinds apple cider vinegar, and balsamic vinegar is only two) or when you should use ammonia, then take a look at our articles below. These are going to answer these and other important questions you might have.

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   A Great Outdoor Furniture Cleaner
One of the problems with outdoor furniture is that it is outdoors. After all, who wants to be sitting on dirty, grimy outdoor furniture when they don't have to? Using CLR Outdoor Furniture Cleaner will help clean that furniture in no time.

   Carpet Cleaning Products
You have multiple choices when it comes to carpet cleaning products. Some work well on multiple surfaces, for pet stains, or for specific types of spills.

   Carpet Stain Removers
Some of the most common things can yield the greatest results when it comes to carpet cleaners. Find out what household items you can use to get those hard stains out of your carpet.

   Clean Up Spills with Diapers
Diapers are extremely soft and very absorbent. You can use diapers as the final drying stage to keep water spots or hard water stains from appearing. Diapers are great for cleaning up spills before they set into carpets or fabrics. Diapers also make excellent dusting and buffing cloths.

   Counteract Kitchen Stains with Bleach
Sometimes stains can penetrate the surface of a counter. In this case, you can use bleach-soaked paper towels to penetrate the counter's surface and counteract the stain. Bleach is dangerous, so use protective gloves and special care while using it.

   Green Cleaners
Green cleaners are a new catchphrase, but aren't as outlandish an idea as you may think. If you want to go green, just take baby steps and work with the knowledge you gain, as you gain it.

   Home Carpet Cleaners
Carpets can get dirty enough to require some serious cleaning. Choose a cleaning method that works best for you and your carpet situation.

   Homemade Dishwashing Detergent
Wanting to extend your cleaning dollar and still stay green? With very little investment you can actually make your own dishwashing detergent. In fact it is so easy you will be wondering why you haven't done it before.

   Homemade Laundry Detergent
Making homemade laundry detergent is one great way to stretch your family budget. You will find that you love how your clothes look and the extra cash in your pocket you save by making your own laundry detergent.

   Homemade Window Cleaner
Your dirty, smeared windows can be a thing of the past. Make your own window cleaner and see how fast, easy, clean, and streak-free windows can be. Making your own window cleaner is also a great way to be both environmentally green and economically friendly.

   Household Cleaners
There are a lot of household cleaners out there. This article focuses on the most common ones.

   Kill Germs with Borax
To avoid using expensive sanitizers to kill the germs in your home, you can make your own germ killer. Simply mix one cup of borax into one gallon of water. Use the solution as a sanitizer on any surface in your home.

   Kitchen Cleaners
What should you use to get your kitchen looking great? It is a good idea to consider which cleaners are best for each surface in your kitchen.

   Make Steel Wool Go Further
Steel wool, a combination of fine steel and soap, is a great tool for scrubbing stubborn messes off of dishes and other surfaces in your home. Each time you use steel wool, you probably only use a portion of the surface. To make the steel wool last longer, cut it in half or in quarters.

   Make Your Own Window-Washing Liquid
You can make your own window washing liquid with ammonia and water. An even better alternative to Windex is to mix ammonia, alcohol, dishwashing liquid, and water, a mixture that will not freeze. Make sure to label your homemade cleaning fluid bottles.

   Natural Cleaning Products
Commercial household cleaning products contain harmful chemicals. By using natural products instead, you can help save the environment (and your wallet).

   Pet Cleaning Products
Keeping things clean in a home with pets takes a little extra work. Use the right cleaning products for the greatest success.

   Safely Using Cleaning Chemicals
Follow common sense when using cleaning chemicals; read all instructions, wear protective equipment if the product instructs you to do so, and keep pets and children away from cleaning solutions. Always know the phone numbers to call for help if you acquire a chemical burn or are overcome by toxic fumes.

   Shower Cleaners
You use your shower everyday, sometimes every other day, sometimes multiple times a day, either way that means your shower can build up a lot of gunk really fast. Cleaning your shower is a pretty basic process but learn how to do it more efficiently to get the best results from your work.

   Simple Toilet Cleaners
Are you one of the many people who just hates cleaning the toilet? There are many toilet cleaners available that can help make the job easier.

   Spray Cleaners
When it comes to cleaning, convenience is often an important factor. Using spray cleaners to help you with cleaning chores can make jobs quicker and easier.

   The Top Five Household Cleaners
Instead of trying to buy a different specialized cleaner for each surface in your house, you can make many of your own cleaners. With the five cleansing ingredients listed in this article, you can mix up window cleaner, carpet cleaner, and many other useful substances without making too many trips to the store. You can also use these ingredients on their own to cleanse many areas in your home.

   Using White Vinegar to Clean
Have you noticed how it seems like the cost of everything is rising on a daily basis? This is particularly true about cleaning materials and agents. However, if you are interested in saving some money, then you only need to begin using white vinegar to clean.

   Wood Cleaners
Many people have wood surfaces present in their homes. Although this material can be fairly simple to maintain, you will need to clean it often to ensure it keeps its beauty.

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