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Air quality is an important aspect of cleaning our home or office. We may not think about it, since we do not spend a whole lot of time monitoring our air, but it is true none the less. There are all types of air pollution that we can be faces with in our personal and professional lives, and I am not talking about what we face outside. Just some of the examples that we are faced with at home are things like cigarettes, pet odors and so on. At work we may be faced with similar problems as well. Learn some easy and inexpensive methods for controlling the air quality in your home and office by using these simple ideas.

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   Air Duct Cleaners
Air ducts are situated throughout your entire place of living and are what help to contribute to the clean air you breathe everyday. In order to keep yourself and others healthy, it's important to clean them regularly. If you don't want to hire someone, it's rather easy to do yourself.

   Air Duct Cleaning
Have you ever noticed how air ducts periodically get dirty, and can throw dust all over your home? Well, instead of living with this problem, there are a few steps that you can take to rectify the situation. After all, air duct cleaning isn't all that difficult if you know exactly what to do.

   Air Freshener Dispenser
Dispensing a fresh scent into the air can make any area more pleasant. Dispensers can help keep a room smelling great and eliminate the hassle caused by other forms of air freshening.

   Air Quality Monitor
Bad air quality is present in many homes. To find out if you have a problem with the air in your house, you can use an air quality monitor to measure the harmful particles.

   Air Quality Test
Poor air quality is a big issue in some homes. If you suspect that the air in your home is causing discomfort or illness to those living there, you may want to consider getting the air tested.

   Air Vent Cleaning
Air vent cleaning is a vital, often overlooked part of HVAC maintenance. While it is always a great idea to have a thorough cleaning conducted by professionals once a year, you don't need to have the professionals out every month. Not only would it be prohibitively expensive, it is also pretty inconvenient to traipse that equipment into your home each month. Lower the cost and hassle by doing the minor work yourself. Here's how.

   Cleaning Air Conditioning Equipment
Cleaning your air conditioning equipment can help to keep you cooler and save you money. Read more for tips on how to do this once-a-year chore.

   Cleaning Air Conditioning Filters
Cleaning air conditioning filters is a fairly easy, though often overlooked, piece of home maintenance and cleaning. By cleaning your air conditioning filters, you can improve the indoor air quality of your home while improving the efficiency of your air conditioner. Here's how you can do it yourself and save the money for other, more important things—like going to the movies.

   Cleaning Fans
When it comes to cleaning, fans are one of the most overlooked parts of a home. In large part this is because they are either not being used for several months at a time, or when they are being used, no one really thinks that they can get dirty. However cleaning fans is an integral part of keeping your air supply clean, and to help prevent the spread of dirt and dust everywhere.

   Cleaning the Air with Aromatherapy
There are many people out there that think, even believe, that there is something hokey about aromatherapy. What these people are really forgetting is that our sense of smell is more powerful than we give it credit for. Scent can often trigger many of our fondest or worst memories. Why not use that power to your benefit the next time you are cleaning your home?

   Clearing the Air
You can clear the air in your home through natural or mechanical means. Plants, furnace filters, and range hoods can contribute to cleaner indoor air. Also find out how to clear smoke from a kitchen.

   Duct Cleaners
The air ducts in your home can be easily overlooked. These areas, however, can collect dust and allergens and should be cleaned by a duct cleaner regularly.

   Essential Oils Aromatherapy
There are many ways that you can find relaxation during your busy day. Try aromatherapy for a calming, de-stressing effect.

   Home Air Quality
We all know that polluted air can be a big issue. Usually, though, you don't consider the fact that the air inside your home can be of poor quality. Reduce indoor air pollutants by minimizing or eliminating the sources of air contaminants in your home.

   Improving Home Air Quality
Whether it is during the height of allergy season or in the dead of winter, the air quality in your home is important. Often people think that they only have to worry about the air outside their homes, but the air inside our homes is as important, if not even more so. Luckily improving home air quality is a relatively easy thing to do.

   Indoor Air Pollution
Air pollution can occur indoors. If you notice any allergies or other symptoms, you may need to find and eliminate the pollution source or find another way to help reduce the problem.

   Indoor Air Quality Testing
Are you concerned about your indoor air quality? If you think there might be an air pollution problem, consider having the air quality tested.

   Removing Burnt Food Smoke Odors
Perhaps one of the worst odors that you can have in your home is the burnt food and smoke. In fact, it is so terrible that often times it seems like no one can ever really get rid of it for long. The truth is that removing burnt food smoke odors isn't all that difficult as long as you follow a few simple steps.

   Removing Household Allergens
As the seasons change from winter to spring, allergens become more of a problem. It doesn't matter if you are inside or outside, allergy season can wreak havoc on you. Exercise a little control over your life by removing household allergens. Here's how.

   Removing Kitchen Odors
The kitchen is one of those areas of the home that, if you are not very careful, can easily end up generating all kinds of nasty odors. Removing kitchen odors isn't difficult, though it can take a bit of effort on your part. Here's how you do it properly.

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