Nail Polish Stains

One of life's little caveats is that a relationship with nail polish can be permanent. Nail polish stains in clothing have caused serious separations between women and their favorite frocks. A nail polish stain in a carpet can not only look like the scene of an attack but also become a loveless relationship with the owner. Take your nail polish stain problems to our tips list, and they will counsel the relationship into a happily ever after.

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   How to Remove Nail Polish from Clothes
Even though a nail polish stain can be difficult to remove, it isn't necessarily impossible. Using different cleaning methods, there is a pretty good chance you can get the nail polish out of your clothes for good.

   Nail Polish Stain
If you enjoy painting your nails, you probably know how annoying a nail polish stain can be. There are certain things you can do to remove the polish from many surfaces.

   Removing Nail Polish
Nail polish can be messy, but spills are not permanent. The simplest solution for nail polish spills is to use nail polish remover. If nail polish remover doesn't work, or if your clothing or carpet are too fragile for you to use it, this tip includes several combinations of hydrogen peroxide, hair spray, and rubbing alcohol that you can use on stubborn stains.

   Removing Nail Polish from Carpet
If nail polish is spilled on the floor, don't panic: try one of these ideas to remove the stain from your carpet. Even though spilled nail polish might seem like a death sentence for your carpet, it doesn't have to be. Try cleaning it yourself and you might be surprised by the results.

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