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Wine has been enjoyed by millions for thousands of years. Sooner or later you'll find that wine is not only great to drink, but also can cause troublesome stains. Getting out the stains is the troublesome part; it can be difficult to downright impossible. This category can help you zero in on a solution to make sure that your wine stains don't stick around forever.

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Dealing with wine stains

   Red Wine Carpet Stains
Perhaps one of the single most difficult stains to remove is a red wine carpet stain. There are a few methods that you can use to get rid of red wine carpet stains though, and most of them you should already have on hand. Simply try a few these methods, and save your beautiful carpet.

   Removing Port Wine Stains
A port wine stain is best cleaned off by dabbing a little white wine on the stain. Then blot the area again with a mixture of water and liquid detergent. For clothing, you should also pre-treat the stain with stain remover before putting the garment in the wash. For carpets, finish up by spraying some vinegar on the area and blotting it off.

   Removing Red Wine Stains
Your guest drops their glass of red wine on your beige couch. Quick! What do you do? These tips will help you make quick work of that offending stain.

   Removing Wine Stains from Stone Countertops
Stains in stone countertops can usually be lifted out with a stone cleaner or a mild detergent and some warm water. For tougher stains a paste made from Oxy-Clean and water left to dry on the spot will extract the stain and not harm the counter. You can also use a poultice to get rid of the stain, or call your installer for some other hints.

   Removing Wine Stains from Tile Countertops
Wine stains quickly and should be cleaned immediately with warm soapy water. A solution of water, peroxide, and soap applied directly on the stain and left tot sit for an hour will lift the stain out of most tiles and grout, a darker stain may need a couple applications. Getting the stain out of grout may call for a little scrubbing but with the solution it should come out.

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