When it comes to creating the perfect romantic lighting, there really is no compare with candles. However, there are many other uses for candles as well. Scented candles can help control our air by improving the air quality in our homes and offices. Then there is the wax from the candles as well. While this material can be problematic when spilled, it can also be a huge asset in cleaning other messes. Learn all about the multitude of uses that are available to you with candles by simple looking here.

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   Candle Tips
These tips will help you to prevent candle wax from dripping everywhere. There are also instructions on how to clean candle wax off of wood flooring. To stop your candles from dripping, soak them in a salt water solution or store them in your refrigerator.

   Cleaning Messy Candleholders
Candles can often create a mess in whatever you use to hold them. To remove wax from a candleholder, simply leave it in the refrigerator until all the wax sticks together for you to pull it off. To keep your candleholders from getting waxy again, spray them down with non-stick cooking spray.

   Cleaning Wax Spills
Candles are perfect for creating a warm, welcoming ambience in a room. But when melted wax drips or spills, it can leave you wondering how to clean it up. This article will give you tips and tricks for cleaning wax spills from several different surfaces, and also how to prevent wax spills in the first place.

   Fragrance Candles
Candles are a great way to relax and enjoy your favorite scent. Choose certain scents to give your home a specific feel.

   Removing Beeswax from Fabric
Removing beeswax from fabric may actually be easier than removing paraffin wax, since it is more pliable and soft. The trick to removing beeswax from fabric is to harden it as much as possible, peel it from the fabric, and then reheat the remains and allow them to seep into paper toweling.

   Removing Candle Wax from Wood
Removing candle wax from wood can be tricky. Read more for tips on how to keep your wood floor looking nice.

   Removing Wax Stains
Most wax stains will have to be removed by freezing the wax then scraping it off. If you cannot remove some of the wax, try using a hair dryer set to high or placing a cloth over the wax and ironing the cloth. If all that is left is a residue, clean it up with some rubbing alcohol. Finally, if you have crayon marks on the wall, try a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser.

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