Many people, when asked about electronics, only think of the audio or video systems that we have in our homes and office. However, there are more to electronics in our lives than simply the television. We are surrounded by electronics in our daily lives. From the computers that we use at home and work, to the car stereo, we have become increasingly dependent upon these items to function. Learn how to keep your electronics clean and working for as long as possible by taking advantage of our ever increasing library below.

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   Car Stereo Cleaning
A car stereo can be a magnet for dust and built-up dirt. You probably can't even see all of the dirt that is hiding in the grooves and buttons of the stereo, but some simple steps can be taken to get the whole car stereo clean.

   Cleaning Portable CD Players
CD players are great things, and portable CD players are even better. After all, isn't it great to be able to listen to your favorite music when working? However, if you are not careful, you can find your portable CD player getting dirty really quick. Luckily cleaning portable CD players isn't that hard.

   Cleaning Watchbands
Watchbands should be washed occasionally to remove any gunk buildup. Cloth bands can be washed in warm soapy water and scrubbed with your fingers if necessary, and rinsed in cool water. Leather bands should be washed with saddle soap and conditioned afterward. Metal bands need to be scrubbed a little with a toothbrush or nailbrush in warm soapy water. To avoid a buildup on your watchband you should take it off at night and keep the band a dry as possible.

   General Electronic Cleaning
Electronics are becoming an ever larger part of our lives, and as such we need to know how to clean them. While it is true that different types of electronics do require different cleaning methods, there are some general electronic cleaning steps that you can take to clean all kinds of electronics.

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