There are many different types of dryers out there today. The whole purpose of the clothes dryer is to help dry our laundry. Your personal dryer could be anything from a clothes line out back, to the latest model put out by General Electric. If you have ever wondered about the best way to use your personal dryer, or you are simply curious about what are the best dryers available today, then take a look in our ever expanding library. All your dryer questions are about to be answered.

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   Cleaning Dryer Vents
Keeping your dryer vent free of lint prevents fire hazards, and saves energy and money. Clean your dryer vent every six months to prevent lint buildup from catching fire, and to dry loads of clothes in less time.

   Cleaning Felt Gaskets
While the machines that we use to help with our laundry are supposed to help make life a little easier, there are still going to be times when we have to do a deep clean on them. One such time is when you find yourself cleaning felt gaskets. Here is how you can go about getting this necessary bit of maintenance and cleaning accomplished.

   Cleaning Your Dryer
A clean dryer can help prevent house fires and will also allow the dryer to work more efficiently. Clean the dryer filter after each use, wipe out the dryer drum with nonflammable cleaner, and check the ducts for lint build-up.

   Dryer Safety
A dryer is an extremely convenient household appliance, but it can also be dangerous. Dryers can be a possible source for fires to begin if the dryer is not properly maintained and cared for. There are some things to remember about dryer safety that can help keep you protected against potential dangers.

   Dryer Vent Cleaning
Dryer vent cleaning is sadly something that many people overlook until it is too late. Without periodic dryer vent cleaning homeowners are not getting the most from their dryers and are allowing a potential fire hazard to linger. In fact, this is something that is so important that most credible duct cleaning services include it as a special option. Instead of paying others to do the work for you, save money by doing it yourself. Here's how.

   Drying Your Clothes
Drying clothes seems like it would be simple right? So why then do so many of us have issues when it comes to keeping our clothes the way we want (i.e. the same size) after drying? Fortunately there are a few ways you can prevent shrinking and keep your clothes dry and the same size!

   Eliminating Static Electricity from Silk Clothes
We have all had problems with static electricity, especially when wearing silk clothes. This problem can be eliminated though by using just a few of these simple ideas. Here's what you do.

   Get Rid of Dryer Grease Stains
For some reason even though you do everything right when washing your clothes, there are times when stains still seem to "magically" appear. Often these stains come from the dryer for some reason or another. Here is everything that you need to know so you can get rid of dryer grease stains.

   Getting Crayon Wax Out of a Dryer
Kids are great! They have a tendency to bring all kinds of joy and wonder to our lives. Unfortunately, kids also have a tendency to forget things. Things like homework, cleaning their room, or even to take the crayons out of their pant's pockets. Never fear though, getting crayon wax out of a dryer isn't all that difficult, if you know what to do.

   Getting Rid of Dryer Lint
Although your dryer lint screen may look lint-free, it could be completely clogged. You have to have a lint filter that works properly in order to get rid of dryer lint. Follow these simple steps to ensure that your dryer lint screen is clean and doing its job.

   Quickly Tumble Dry Your Clothes
Energy is something to think about in today's world and it also concerns your bank account. Be conscious of the energy you use when doing tumble drying your clothes and you'll also succeed in making laundry day more fast and efficient.

   Removing Ink Stains from Dryers
It goes without saying that one of the more frustrating and maddening experiences of doing your laundry is finding ink stains on your clothes after you have dried them. Once you have finished your ranting and venting, you are still faced with the problem of removing ink stains from your dryer. Well, here's how you can do that simply, easily, and (most importantly) inexpensively.

   Removing Wax Stains from Latex Paint
Candles, though romantic, can cause quite the mess if you are not careful. A spilled candle can end up causing wax to go everywhere from tables to floors. One of the more common places in the home that seems to collect wax stains is the walls.

   Stop Static Electricity on Clothes
Static electricity is annoying and so hard to get rid of on your clothes. Lucky for you there are ways in which you can prevent and eliminate static electricity on your clothes.

   Using Your Clothes Dryer
While drying your clothes is simple and a basic step in doing your laundry, there are a few tips you should keep in mind as you go about your laundry day. If followed these simple guidelines can improve your laundry process and help better maintain your clothes.

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