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In the single most used and abused room in the home, is there really anything that seems to go through more trauma on a daily basis than the kitchen sink? On any given day kitchen sinks can be subjected to freezing temperatures one second, and then be subjected to the opposite extreme the next. Clogged kitchen sinks also seem to be a constant in most homes, don't they? The problem is though, how to keep these vital pieces of kitchen equipment in top working order. Whether you need to know the best way to clean your stainless steel kitchen sink, or you are looking for the best way to protect your new granite kitchen sink, chances are you are going to need some help. When in need, take a look here for the answers to all the questions you might have about kitchen sinks.

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   Cleaning Copper Kitchen Sinks
You finally got that copper kitchen sink you have always wanted. Maybe it was because of its antibacterial properties, or maybe it was because you just loved the look. Whatever the reason, you now have a beautiful sink that needs you to maintain it. Good news, it's pretty simple!

   Cleaning Pipe
Not all pipe problems call for a plumber. In many cases, you can clean out pipes yourself using certain tools and methods.

   Cleaning Stainless Steel Kitchen Sinks
Stainless steel sinks need a little love and attention to look clean and shiny. Of the six cleaning methods given here, you're sure to find one or two that will work for you. Some involve household ingredients, while others are purchased products.

   Cleaning Stone Kitchen Sinks
There are four main types of stone used to make kitchen sinks. They are marble, granite, limestone, and soapstone. How you clean your stone sink depends on the type of stone used for your sink.

   Dealing with Grease Blockages
Kitchen sinks have a tendency to collect all sorts of nasty little things, such as grease, over time. Without proper care or periodic cleaning, grease can build up, and clog your sink. Well, dealing with grease doesn't need to result in you calling the plumber. Instead, simply use one of these methods to get rid of it.

   Preventing Garbage Disposal Odors
It is always better to prevent something bad from happening then wasting time and money on fixing something, that could better be used somewhere else. When it comes to garbage disposals (and the occasional bad odors that come from them) it is absolutely no different. Here are a few ways that you can prevent garbage disposal odors from ever starting in the first place.

   Remove Grease from Your Drain with Salt
Greasy foods can often clog up a sink or create a disgusting smell. A simple solution of salt and water can help clean the greasy food residue that may build up in a sink's drain.

   Removing Garbage Disposal Odors
Have you noticed that no matter how hard you seem to try, that there are some times when you just can't seem to prevent that horrible garbage disposal odor? When this happens, it's time to stop worrying about how to keep the odors from happening, but rather to concentrate on removing garbage disposal odors. Here's how.

   Removing Stains from Sinks
Stainless steel sinks can get stained, which can make your kitchen ugly and unhygienic. The color of the stain is significant since it shows what type of mineral is building up on the sink. Depending on the mineral, different mixtures of household cleaners may be used to clean it up. If all else fails, a number of commercial cleaners exist to clean up your sink.

   Repair a Scratched Stainless Steel Sink
Stainless steel sinks take a lot of abuse in a lifetime. To revive the look of your stainless steel, use chrome polish from your local auto parts store. It will make your sink shine as if it was brand new and it will disguise any scratches in your stainless steel.

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