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In the kitchen there are many different things that are covered by the term stove and oven. Microwave ovens (yes microwave ovens) can truly be considered an oven, simply ask your nearest teenagers if you don't believe me. Such items as gas stoves, ranges and ovens are still more examples of the different items that can be found in the kitchen. The one thing thought that each of these have in common is that they are all going to need to be cleaned. Obviously, you cannot clean each of these diverse items using the same methods, or you might break something. The correct methods to do so can be found here.

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   Clean a Stove Spill Quickly and Safely
Since spilled food on your stove top can ignite, it's important to clean it up quickly. This article includes a baking soda and vinegar cleaning method and some tips and tricks for fast cleanup.

   Clean an Oven Spill Quickly
Oven spills can be difficult or impossible to clean up, especially since they usually get several chances to bake into the oven's surfaces. Oven cleaners can be helpful, but they are dangerous and don't always work well. To make each spill easy to clean, sprinkle some salt on every drip you notice.

   Cleaning a Convection Oven
A convection oven is an alternative to a standard oven. It heats using fans that circulate hot air, evenly heating food while it cooks. To clean the oven, first remove the oven racks, then clean with a product made specifically for cleaning ovens. Wash the racks with soap and water and replace in the oven.

   Cleaning a Gas Oven
Cleaning a gas oven and stovetop can be quite easy. Use soapy water or cleaner to wash away dirt, spills and grease, and try an over cleaner for especially bad spots.

   Cleaning a Gas Range
I may have been living under a rock, but to me it appears that gas ranges are popping up all over the place. After all, you can see them on the television, read about them in magazines, and see them at every major home improvement store and home appliance store across the country. What you don't see, however, is information on how to clean them. Here is all the information that you need to be able to clean your home gas range.

   Cleaning an Electric Oven
Cleaning an electric oven, despite what many people may think, is a fairly easy task. All you really need to do is understand a few simple points, and you will be well on your way to ensuring that you have a sparkling oven. Best of all, you really don't need any special training or expertise to get the job done.

   Cleaning an Electric Range
When cleaning an electric range, there are a few steps to take in order to make the process easier. You'll need to remove the parts of the burners, let them soak in water, and clean the range area with all-purpose surface cleaner.

   Cleaning Cook Top Stoves
Cleaning cook top stoves can often leave a person felling frustrated and a little annoyed. The reason for this is that it seems like you can't use the same cleaning methods that you would for a gas or electric stove. Instead of allowing your frustration to grow, use one of these methods to ensure that you as easy of a time as possible in getting your cook top stove.

   Cleaning Glass Top Stoves
Glass top stoves are wonderful appliances to have in the kitchen. Not only do they look great, but they also hold the promise of an easier cleaning job. However, if you don't know the proper way of cleaning glass top stoves, you can easily find yourself faced with a mess that you wouldn't believe. Before you begin cleaning, make sure you know how to do it the right way.

   Cleaning Oven Racks
Cleaning oven racks is not a fun job, but with these ideas it doesn't have to be one of the most dreaded chores in the kitchen. Following these methods helps to make the chore a little less difficult.

   Cleaning Self-Cleaning Ovens
It is always wise to follow the manufacturer's instructions when using your self-cleaning oven. It is also good to resist the urge to use oven-cleaning chemicals designed for regular ovens, since leftover residue may remain and will etch the porcelain enamel finish.

   Cleaning Stainless Steel Gas Stoves
It only stands to reason that as stainless steel and gas stoves each become more popular in the United States there would eventually come stainless steel gas stoves. As anyone that has ever had any kind of stainless steel in their home can quickly tell you, it often requires a little extra cleaning care, and this is only more of a difficulty when it comes to gas stoves. Here is everything that you need to know in order to clean your stainless steel gas stove.

   Cleaning Stoves Quickly
If you have ever tried to clean a stove, then you know just how difficult it can be to clean them quickly. However, just because it is difficult doesn't mean that cleaning stoves quickly is impossible. It just takes a little creativity to get it done.

   Cleaning Stubborn Oven Racks
For anyone who has ever owned, operated, or simply even tried to clean an oven, there is one area that can cause a groan of frustration then it has to be the racks. Is there really a more stubborn area of an oven, or even the kitchen, to clean? Cleaning stubborn oven racks can be a bit easier if you use one of these methods.

   Cleaning the Oven
Although cleaning the baked-on spills in your oven can be a tough job, there are techniques and products that can make the process easier. Try the self-cleaning function on your oven, or use a cleaner that is made specifically for your oven. There are also natural alternatives for getting your oven perfectly clean.

   Cleaning the Range Hood
You can spend hours scrubbing your oven and range, but the whole job isn't done until you've cleaned your range hood. This is a piece of the oven assembly that is often forgotten and therefore, often allowed to get very grimy. Here are some tips on cleaning and maintaining your range hood.

   Cleaning the Range Hood Air Filter
While your range hood may only need to be cleaned every once in a while, something that needs to be attended to fairly regularly is the air filter. Cleaning the range hood air filter is a task that can be accomplished with just a minimum of effort on your part. All you need to do is follow these simple instructions.

   Get Your Gas Oven Spotless
Just like any well-kept car, your gas oven needs a little maintenance from time to time to keep it functioning properly. While it can seem intimidating, most likely it is easier than you think.

   Get Your Oven Racks Clean
It is extremely easy to clean your oven—after all most ovens are self-cleaning. There is one drawback to these types of ovens though; in order to properly clean your oven you will need to remove the racks prior to cleaning. This means that your oven racks are not getting clean, unless you use these steps.

   Getting Oven Racks Clean
Getting oven racks clean can be a frustrating experience if you have never done it before. Even if you have done it before, the experience is one that no one really likes to do all that often. Here is a great method that you can use to get your oven racks sparkling again, and doesn't require that you use a whole lot of elbow grease to do.

   Polishing a Stainless Steel Stove
A kitchen range finished in stainless steel looks professional and clean. You can keep it looking that way by applying the tips provided here.

   Removing Burn Stains from Porcelain Range Tops
Second only to gas stoves in popularity, porcelain and other kinds of flat-topped ranges are a favorite among homeowners in the United States. You might think that because of the popularity of such range tops that how to clean them would be common knowledge. Unfortunately you would be wrong. Once you know how to clean these sleek-looking cooking devices, you can enjoy years of cooking bliss.

   Removing Burnt Microfiber Cloth from a Porcelain Cooktop
Porcelain, or glass, cooktops are becoming exceedingly popular among homeowners, as are microfiber cleaning cloths. It only stands to reason that when these two items get in close proximity there will be accidents. Luckily removing burnt microfiber cloth from a porcelain cooktop isn't all that difficult.

   Removing Grease from the Range Hood
One of the areas of most stoves that always seems to collect grease is the range hood. Removing grease from the range hood isn't all that difficult, though it does often take a bit of effort on your part. Simply follow these directions to ensure you do the job right.

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