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Doctors and scientists have long said that the sense of smell is probably one of the most important senses to humans. Many of our tastes are affected by scent. Also, fragrance can affect our moods and how we feel, hence such things as aroma therapy. Such "wonderful" smells as cigarettes and pets can very quickly build up and overpower you. So instead of letting that happen, learn how to eliminate those horrible odors, and create the perfect fragrance for your home. These quick and thrifty methods are exactly what you need to do just that.

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   Add a Spicy Aroma to Your Home
Since aerosol and solid air fresheners can irritate both lungs and budgets, a more natural method will create a more welcoming smell in your home. The all-natural aroma of cinnamon and cloves will eliminate odors from your house while leaving behind a delicious and spicy smell. Simmer these items in a cheesecloth in water for a simple air freshener with easy clean up.

   Aromatherapy Products
Aroma therapy is nature's way to ensure you enjoy all its health benefits for your entire being. Aroma therapy products can include items such as bath salts, massage oils, soaps, fragrances, air fresheners and candles. Here is some more information that you can use to help determine whether or not aromatherapy products are for you, and which may be the best for you to use.

   Cleaning Jewelry Boxes
Jewelry boxes are an excellent way to protect jewelry, but they work best (and look the best) when they are properly cleaned. Use cotton swabs, a damp cloth, and some glass cleaner to help you with the job.

   Cleaning the Air with Aromatherapy
There are many people out there that think, even believe, that there is something hokey about aromatherapy. What these people are really forgetting is that our sense of smell is more powerful than we give it credit for. Scent can often trigger many of our fondest or worst memories. Why not use that power to your benefit the next time you are cleaning your home?

   Homemade Air Freshener
Have you ever noticed just how expensive air fresheners are? Why spend all that money on something that you can make yourself for a fraction of the cost? Homemade air fresheners are both an in expensive option as well as one that works quite well.

   How Automatic Air Fresheners Work
Air fresheners are an extremely popular method that many people like to use to clean the air of their home, office, or vehicle. In recent years there has been one kind of air freshener that has been becoming more and more popular, and that is automatic air fresheners. Keep reading to find out how automatic air fresheners work.

   Making Your Own Air Fresheners
Have you ever noticed that all the different types of air fresheners have one thing in common? That common element is the price. Eliminate this common problem by making your own air fresheners. It is not only surprisingly easy to do, but it can also be a fun family activity.

   Natural Fragrance
There are many great-smelling natural fragrances available in different forms. Look for natural soaps, lotions, or try using essential oils for aromatherapy.

   Use a Cotton Ball and Perfume to Freshen Your Home
Store-bought air fresheners can be expensive. An inexpensive alternative with cheap refills is to use cotton balls in jars. Perfume will release from a cotton ball over time if you spray it on periodically to freshen your home.

   Use Your Light Bulbs to Scent Your Rooms
Air fresheners that plug in or spray periodically can be expensive, especially when you consider the cost of refills. For a scent that comes on every time you enter a room, spray some perfume or cologne on a light bulb. Whenever you turn on the light, the perfume will heat up and its scent will fill the room.

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