When we talk about metal in the home, we are not usually talking about things like heavy metal music (though this can be an extremely interesting topic) but about such things like metal roofing and copper pots. You are never going to be cleaning your metal roofing the same way that you would your copper ptos and pans, or the brass hardware. Since each item is going to take individualized time and effort, you have two options. The first is to spend all day, laboriously scrubbing away using a trial and error method to get everything clean. Second, you could get the best time saving methods available (like those here). Is there really even a choice?

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   Caring for Copper Kitchen Sinks
Do you have a copper kitchen sink in your home? If so, then hopefully you know the proper way to care for it. Otherwise, you may end up with a huge problem on your hands. Here are a few simple guidelines designed to help you learn the proper way of caring for copper kitchen sinks.

   Cleaning a Dutch Oven
Used over an open campfire, a Dutch oven is a true oven; meaning that you can prepare pies, biscuits, cakes, and breads, just as you would at home in your range oven. When heated, a smaller baking pan can be placed inside the Dutch oven, with the lid tightly capped, to create a smaller outdoor version of your home oven. When cleaning a seasoned Dutch oven, simply wipe it out with a wet cloth, pat it dry with paper towels, and store it. New Dutch ovens require more care.

   Cleaning Anodized Aluminum
Anodized aluminum can be found just about everywhere in the home, on everything from cookware to MP3 players. Considering how often it is used in our lives, it may be a useful idea to know the best way to clean this resilient and useful material. Here are the best methods available to clean anodized aluminum; in all the myriad of forms it is used.

   Cleaning Bronze
Over time, bronze can become dull and even green. If you prefer your bronze to stay bright and shiny, follow these tips so that you can keep your bronze clean.

   Cleaning Cast Iron
Cleaning cast iron is not complicated. The basic rules are to clean and scrub down to the bare metal, and then treat it. The laborious part is the scrubbing, sometimes requiring hours to complete. Cast iron cookware is treated with animal fat, while cast iron furniture, grates, tools, and hinges are treated with paint or oil.

   Cleaning Gold
Gold has long been seen as a symbol of wealth and success. If your gold isn't cleaned properly though, then you will present a poor image indeed. So, is your gold a little dingy? Here is how you go about cleaning gold.

   Cleaning Pewter
It is easy for beautiful pewter objects to dull and tarnish. Follow these directions to keep your pewter shiny and looking new!

   Cleaning Silver-Plated Coffee Pots
If you are looking to add a little bit of elegance to your kitchen, then you can't really go wrong with some silver-plated coffee and tea pots. After all, silver-plating can offer the look of solid silver pots, but at a fraction of the cost. Learning the proper way of cleaning silver-plated coffee pots is an important step in keeping them looking their best though.

   Cleaning Your Silver
You want to keep your silver looking like new—even if it is in fact a family heirloom. Read more for how to best clean and polish your silver.

   Homemade Chrome Cleaners
Chrome can be a particularly difficult metal to clean, and often the cleaners that are designed for them cost way more than they should. However, if you are looking for an inexpensive alternative, you may want to think about using some homemade chrome cleaners.

   Polishing Silver
Used to make flatware, jewelry, and dishes, silver is a versatile metal. While not as soft as gold, silver is soft and can scratch, dent, and bend. Use great care when washing and polishing silver when it tarnishes, and make sure that you use quality polishes and creams when you wash and polish your silver, and never use tarnish dips commonly hawked in television commercials.

   Removing Rust Stains from Wood-burning Stoves
If you've ever used an iron skillet or pot, then you probably know that you have to safeguard the metal from rust, keep the metal dry, and cure it after use. The same principles apply when using a wood-burning stove. Follow these tips to remove rust from a wood-burning stove.

   Simple Silver Cleaning and Polishing
Cleaning and polishing silver can be an expensive and time-consuming task. Here are some simple, inexpensive options that will surprise you.

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