Dust is found everywhere, and unfortunately is an extremely common allergen. If you are anything like me, all it takes is just a little bit of dust to set off my allergies. Dusting furniture, while an effective means for removing dust, pollen and other allergens, is a very boring task that no one really likes to do. Instead of wasting your time dusting in the same old method, find some better ways to accomplish this classic chore. Here are the most effective and inexpensive methods for getting rid of the dust in your home. In fact, we even talk about what the common dust collectors are in the home, maybe you can use one to get rid of the rest of the dust in your home or office.

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   Cleaning Dust
Do you suffer from allergies or respiratory problems? It can be especially important that you control the amount of dust in your home.

   Common Dust Collectors
Dust is everywhere in our houses. Seeking it out and cleaning it up might seem like a challenging chore but having a methodical approach to getting rid of it is the best way to tackle it.

   Discourage Dust from Your Lampshades
Using a dryer sheet can help your lampshades stay dust-free for longer. Since it is static electricity that makes lampshades such dust-magnets, the static-removing property to dryer sheets will help keep dust away from your shades. Dryer sheets will also leave a fresh laundry scent behind.

   Dust Cleaners
Dust can quickly collect on the surfaces in your home. Learn how to help clean and prevent dust and create a cleaner environment.

   Dust Prevention
No one really likes dust, and since it seems to get everywhere, it only stands to reason that a few preventative measures could help reduce or even eliminate this nasty allergen. While total and complete dust prevention is impossible, it is perfectly possible to reduce the amount of dust in your home negligible levels. And negligible is good—it means less time cleaning.

   Dust Your Wallpaper Regularly
Wallpaper, like any other home decor, needs to be dusted and cleaned on a regular basis to make a house look bright and tidy. Putty cleaners are difficult to use, but similar results can be obtained by using a vacuum dusting extension or a dust rag on the end of a mop.

   How to Dust
Dust gets everywhere. But no matter how unpleasant it is, those dusty items still have to be cleaned. This article shows you how to get the job done.

   Making Furniture Dusting Easier
Furniture dusting is no longer a chore, now that there are better products available for dusting. You don't even have to move objects from your furniture in order to give your furniture a thorough dusting, thanks to disposable dusting products.

   Remove Dust
Dust around the house can be a huge pain to get rid of. Try these ideas to help you eliminate this problem and breathe a little easier.

   Simple Ways to Prevent Dust
Perhaps one of the single most annoying and repetitive cleaning chores around is dusting. While there really is no way to completely stop dust, there are methods that you can use to prevent it a bit. Here are some simple ways to prevent dust from building up in your home.

   Use Fabric Softener Sheets as Dust Cloths
The same fabric softener sheets that you use in your dryer to reduce static and generate a fresh smell can also be used on your furniture. The anti-static property of dryer sheets will actually keep your furniture from attracting dust and making you have to clean them so often. As a bonus, your furniture will smell fresh and clean.

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