The holidays are wonderful times, but it's no coincidence the words "Christmastime" and "Housecleaning" have the same number of letters. The downside of the Yuletide season—or any other holiday, for that matter—is the "Returning to Normal." Here you have a selection of cleaning tips all the way from caring for tree ornaments to getting pine needles out of the carpet, from cleaning up after visitors to getting rid of gift wrappings. And don't forget what Christmas trees can do to hardwood floors and tinsel can do to rugs!

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   Cleaning Christmas Ornaments
Even though most people use Christmas ornaments only a few short weeks out of the year, they can still get dirty. If you would like your ornaments to last, then you really need to know the proper to clean them. Luckily, cleaning Christmas ornaments isn't all that difficult. Time consuming maybe, but not difficult.

   Cleaning Up after Christmas Visitors
If you're having houseguests for several days, decide ahead of time how you will handle the bedding, bathroom necessities, meals, and entertainment. Include in that list how you will handle the cleanup afterwards. Do you want to involve your houseguests in the cleanup, or will that be your Christmas present to them? If you plan ahead, cleaning up after Christmas visitors doesn't have to be exhausting.

   Properly Disposing of Christmas Trees
If you use a live tree for Christmas, there are proper ways to dispose of it. Check with your trash service or local government and find out the programs available for tree pickup. Or, decide if you'd like to recycle your tree, and then follow these tips for properly disposing of your Christmas tree.

   Properly Disposing of Gift Wrappings and Packaging
Oftentimes we give little thought to what we throw away in the garbage. Properly disposing of gift wrappings and packaging is important, however. If you've received gifts in the mail, chances are it comes with packaging material that isn't always environmentally friendly. Follow these tips for properly disposing of your gift wrappings and packaging.

   Removing Christmas Tree Stains from Carpeting
When you take down your Christmas tree to discover tree stains on your carpeting, the unwelcome finding can add to your after-holiday blues. Don't despair! Removing Christmas tree stains from carpeting isn't as difficult as you might imagine.

   Removing Christmas Tree Stains from Hardwood Flooring
Hardwood flooring can lose its finish, luster, and shine if you use caustic chemicals to remove stains. If your Christmas tree has left behind a holiday reminder when you take it down, follow these techniques for removing stains from your hardwood flooring.

   Removing Pine Needles from Carpeting
If you love pine trees and trimmings during the holiday, consider investing in a commercial grade vacuum to rid your carpet of pine needles. Either that, or try some of these simple remedies for removing pine needles from your carpeting.

   Removing Tinsel from Carpeting
If you love the glitter of tinsel during the holidays, but dread the cleanup afterwards, there are a few simple things that you can do to collect it from the carpet. Using materials you most likely already have handy, follow these tips for getting tinsel out of your carpeting.

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